Engineering Co-op Student Aiding COVID-19 First Responders



 By Stuart Esrock, Ph.D. 

A UofL Biomedical Engineering senior is continuing his important work to safeguard front-line personnel battling the coronavirus pandemic.  Meet Shah Tarun who hails from Bangladesh and will graduate this December.

 Shah Tarun

Shah Tarun

 Tarun came to the United States and UofL in 2015 as a Biology major and switched to the Speed School of Engineering in 2017. In addition to his engineering degree, he is working on minors in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies as well as Psychology.

Tarun is doing coronavirus-related work with Dr. Jaimin Trivedi, an instructor of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at the UofL School of Medicine.  "I have been working with him on a couple of projects related to protecting healthcare workers against Covid-19 in a clinical setting.”

Like other co-op students, Tarun is using the experience to further his professional development.  “I believe that this experience will overall showcase my skill-set within the HTM/biomedical profession and continue to show my determination on doing what is right for the community.”

He is finding his work with Dr. Trivedi incredibly rewarding.  “It feels amazing to know that such a project can benefit PCP, ED, nurses, etc. It is even more amazing if you think that this project could help the common person too, making it commercialize-able for the community and providing the need for everyone if they so wish to.”

In a time of crisis, the work by Dr. Jaimin Trivedi and Shah Tarun offers a glimmer of optimism.  “I feel like this experience made me better prepare for the worst outcome that could happen in the near future. Overall, it made me hopeful that my mentor and I can provide the hope that our healthcare providers need in these dire circumstances.”

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