From Movie Set to Local News Station, this UofL Senior Utilized UCC Resources and Maximized Success!


By: Isabel Abarca

Senior communication major, Haley Sullivan, spent the spring and summer of 2022 pursuing her dream career. Haley expects to graduate in December 2022 and her experiences during her senior year have helped shape her career aspirations for life after college.

Haley Sullivan

In the spring of 2022, Haley worked on a movie set as a production assistant where she supported the production office, manager, and producers. She also managed various administrative tasks that facilitated the success of the production. After the film wrapped up in June, Haley stepped into an internship role at the local news station, WLKY. She worked in the Creative Services Department and learned to create commercials for Louisville businesses as well as promotional ads for the station.

The internship with WLKY was acquired through Haley’s acceptance to the Emma Bowen Fellowship program, a program suggested by her Career Coach, Erin Heakin. Haley first met with Erin early in her junior year, and has continued to utilize the University Career Center’s (UCC) resources ever since.

“Erin is an amazing career counselor. She is always ready to listen to my frustrations with job hunting and offers good advice on how to move forward. She told me about the Emma Bowen Fellowship, a program that offers paid media and tech internships for students of color. After being accepted into the program, I interned with WLKY and was able to learn about commercial production and the television industry.”

Throughout Haley’s time on the movie set and with the local news station, she quickly learned the value and importance of making connections. “While I appreciate the skills I’ve learned during these opportunities, I mostly appreciate the people that I have met through them. Hearing their stories and advice on navigating career and life has helped me confirm my career path and opened the door for similar work opportunities down the road.”

These experiences have helped Haley look at her future with some clarity – she knows she would like to work in the television and film industry after college. Through these opportunities,

Haley is already booked as a production assistant for another movie, was nominated by WLKY for a new producer’s fellowship through Hearst Television, and has been offered a position as producer post-graduation.

Her advice to fellow students? “Always advocate for yourself. You know your worth, the skills you have, and why you deserve the best. Make sure you get the most out of an internship for your needs.”