Featured Intern: Caitlin Hogue


 Featured Intern Caitlin Hogue


This week’s featured intern is Caitlin Hogue!

Shoutout to Caitlin for receiving this internship as a Sophomore! Caitlin works for a historical collections manager and is in charge of cataloging a collection of drawings. She has learned a lot about the process of archiving materials and classifying art pieces.

This internship contributes to Caitlin’s long-term career goals because she wants to be a curator. Having the ability to work so closely with a collections manager at a well-respected organization is amazing. Not only is she teaching her a lot about the field, but this will also look great on her resume.

Here is a quote from Caitlin to other students considering this experience, “Go for it! The worst that happens is you at least realize what you don’t want to be doing in your future career.”