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Guidelines for creating UofL-branded marketing materials and websites

News & Media Resources

The Office of Communications and Marketing is the only UofL office authorized to contact the media, per the public information policy. Because of this:

  • News content that is intended for the promotion of the university and/or the work of faculty, staff or students that is created for the consumption of externally-facing audiences must be originated from and distributed through the official means designated by the Office of Communications and Marketing.
  • Specific resources for media may be included as a link on school/college, department or unit website. However, certain content (press releases, expert source contact information) must not be displayed on that site. Instead, please include the following text below the other content on your media resources page:
Looking for [insert unit name] experts? The Office of Communications and Marketing may be contacted for all media inquiries by calling the director of media relations at (502) 852-1108.
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Communications & Marketing

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