Brand Identity & Visual Standards

Guidelines for creating UofL-branded marketing materials and websites


Advertising refers to the promotion of products, services or causes for the intention of compelling consumers to respond in a certain way toward what is being advertised. As a public educational institution, UofL has a responsibility to maintain impartiality—to the best of our ability—in the consumer market as well as to protect the sanctity of the educational experience of our students.

Therefore, all advertising intended for use on websites under the domain as well as all constituent units must have explicit approval from the Office of Communications & Marketing prior to any agreements, contractual or otherwise stated.

Any UofL website that is maintained or owned by a UofL entity but is not currently under the domain must still adhere to the above standards for web advertising.

The only exceptions to the aforementioned standard include:

Advertising on third-party websites

All public advertising, including web-based advertising is managed through the Office of Communications & Marketing. For more information, please contact OCM.

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