Brand Identity & Visual Standards

Guidelines for creating UofL-branded marketing materials and websites

Social Media Branding

We have a great opportunity to expand our brand visibility in the social sphere by connecting with our audiences and promoting the remarkable things happening on campus. Whether through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others, it is imperative that we strive for consistency and quality when crafting a UofL-affiliated account.

Profile Naming

Profile (or account) names for your unit should be preceded by the words "UofL" or "University of Louisville." This is especially important if your profile icon is not the recommended monogram configuration shown below. If your unit name is too long, abbreviate as necessary (but be sure to use the unit's full name and "University of Louisville" in your page's bio/description).

Social Icons & Avatars

Icon conventions for social media platforms use a mix of circle and square formats. As such, when you are creating a profile icon it is imperative to strive for simplicity. A significant portion of users will only experience your avatar/profile on a mobile device.

The preferred avatar would be a single-color block with our monogram (due to shape). Additionally you can use an iconic or unique photograph that is representative of your unit. Since our monogram does not display well overlaid on a photo, it is not advised to add it to a photograph in this convention.

Do not use the University of Louisville signature, wordmark or secondary logo as your profile image. The size/shape of avatars on Facebook, Twitter, etc. is not conducive to proper representation required of our logos.

Recommended Profile Photo Configurations

  • Monogram (one color) against a transparent or solid background. Cardinal Red is most noticeable at small scale.
  • Unique/iconic photo related to your unit
  • Unique/iconic illustration related to your unit, on a solid background
  • Monogram against a transparent or solid background with a sensible version of your unit name (only applicable to shorter names/acronyms)
  • Example avatars for social
  • Example avatars for social
  • Example avatars for social
  • Example avatars for social
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Cover Photography

Cover photography for your social media pages should follow the photographic guidelines. It is important that these large photos be of high quality and convey an appropriate sense of professionalism.

  • Example social cover photo
  • Example social cover photo
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In order to build user trust through repetition, aim to replicate your icons and cover photos across whatever variety of social media platforms your unit uses. Consistency and commitment to high-quality application will help ensure a more positive and memorable brand experience for your audience.

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