Brand Identity & Visual Standards

Guidelines for creating UofL-branded marketing materials and websites


Audience of students at raiseRED event

Ultimately, our goal is to help audiences understand why and how UofL matters to them, using our brand framework as a roadmap for determining and prioritizing subject matter.

Our communications should answer for the intended audience the questions: So what? Who cares? What’s in it for me? To help you determine if a proposed story or piece of content aligns with the messaging pillars of our brand framework—redefining student success, research & innovation powerhouse, premier metropolitan university—and qualifies as audience-centric, we have created the following checklists.

What do we mean by audience-centric? It’s our way of describing something that people, especially those outside academia, want to read.

Supporting our messaging pillars

Does the proposed story/content …

  • Demonstrate student success or describe the student experience?
  • Highlight research and innovation?
  • Demonstrate community engagement or ties to the city/region?
  • Highlight university goals, expertise or strategic priorities?
  • Show how UofL is a great place to work?

Audience Centric

The story/content will be of interest to …

  • Prospective students and parents
  • Potential donors and partners
  • Faculty and staff
  • Current students and parents
  • Alumni
  • General public
  • Policy and decision makers

The story/content is, or can be made to be …

  • Consumable, valuable and easy to understand
  • Beautiful, compelling and have visual stopping power
  • Extensible and able to be developed across multiple content types
  • Engaging and aligns with what has performed well in the past, based on analytics
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