Departments and Programs


AnthropologyJianhua (Andrew) Zhao852-3078Lutz Hall, Room 236
BiologyPerri Eason852-5936Life Sciences, Room 333
ChemistryCraig Grapperhaus852-5932Chemistry Building, Room 138
Classical and Modern LanguagesAlan Leidner852-6686Humanities, Room 332
CommunicationAllan Futrell852-6976Strickler Hall, Room 310
Comparative HumanitiesAnn Hall852-6805Bingham Humanities, Room 303
Criminal JusticeCheri Dawson-Edwards852-0080Brigman Hall
EnglishGlynis Ridley852-6803Bingham Humanities, Room 315B
Fine Arts (Hite Art Institute)Scott Massey852-6794Schneider Hall, Room 104
Geography and GeosciencesDavid Howarth852-6844Lutz Hall, Room 206
HistoryBlake Beattie852-6817Gottschalk Hall, Room 101
MathematicsThomas Riedel852-6826Natural Sciences, Room 328
Pan-African StudiesShirletta Kinchen852-6057Strickler Hall, Room 445
PhilosophyDavid Owen852-0448Bingham Humanities, Room 313
Physics and AstronomyChakram Jayanthi852-0851Natural Sciences, Room 102
Political ScienceJasmine Farrier852-3310Ford Hall, Room 207
Psychological and Brain SciencesBen Mast852-6775Life Sciences, Room 317
SociologyRyan Schroeder852-8028Lutz Hall, Room 103
Theatre ArtsKevin D Gawley852-8444Studio/HPES/Thrust Theater, Room 117
Urban and Public AffairsDavid Simpson852-7906Urban & Public Affairs Building (426 W. Bloom St.), Room 212
Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies Dawn Heinecken852-2992Stevenson Hall


African American TheatreBaron Kelly852-8442Studio Arts/HPES Building/Thrust Theatre, Room 111
Aerospace ScienceLt. Col. Pete Day852-6576Dougherty Hall, Room 102
Atmospheric ScienceTimothy Dowling852-6790Natural Sciences, Room 119
Asian StudiesShiping Hua852-3305Stevenson Hall, Room 423
Critical & Curatorial StudiesChris Reitz852-0441Schneider Hall, Room 104
Diversity LiteracyDavid Owen852-0458Bingham Humanities, Room 310
Film Studies and ProductionJohn Ferré852-8167Strickler Hall, Room 310D
Honors ProgramJoy Hart852-6976Etscorn Honors Center
Individualized Major in the Liberal StudiesJohn Hale852-2248Stevenson Hall, Room 302
Jewish StudiesRanen Omar-Sherman852-6805Bingham Humanities, Room 303
Latin American and Latino StudiesRhonda Buchanan852-2034Stevenson Hall, Room 306
Linguistics concentration in HumanitiesAnn Hall852-6805Bingham Humanities, Room 303
Medieval & Renaissance StudiesJennifer Westerfeld852-3756Bingham Humanities 328A
Middle East and Islamic StudiesJulie Peteet852-6864Lutz Hall/Stevenson Hall 4th Floor
Military Science/Army ROTCLTC Jessie Murnock852-7902Dougherty Hall, Room 216
Peace, Justice & Conflict TransformationRussell Vandenbroucke852-8448Stevenson Hall, 4th Floor
Religious StudiesRanen Omer-Sherman852-6842Bingham Humanities, Room 303
Social ChangeCheri Dawson-Edwards852-0080Bingham Humanities
Sustainability MastersTamara Sluss852-4040

Centers and Institutes

Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice ResearchCate Fosl852-2944Ekstrom Library, 3rd floor
Center for Asian DemocracyJason P. Abbott852-6832Stevenson Hall, Room 202
Center for Geographic Information SystemsBob Forbes852-2698Lutz Hall Room 219
Center for Regulatory and Environmental Analytical MetabolomicsXiang Zhang852-8878John W. Shumaker Research Building Room 335
Commonwealth Center for the Humanities and SocietyJohn Gibson852-3046409 Stevenson Hall
Cressman Center for Visual ArtsScott Massey852-0288100 East Main Street
Hite Art InstituteYing Kit Chan852-6794104 Schneider Hall
Institute for Intercultural CommunicationMargaret D’Silva852-6976310 Strickler Hall
Southern Police InstituteCynthia C. Shain852-0328McCandless Hall
Urban Studies InstituteMatt Ruther852-8151426 West Bloom Street
The Writing CenterBronwyn T. Williams852-4741Ekstrom Library, Room 132