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Clarksdale housing being demolished

Public Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization

Prof. Maggie Walker and Prof. Carol Hanchette, of the Geography & Geosciences Department, sought a different approach to applied geography and GIS research. Their 2015 study, “Residents’ experiences in the aftermath of a HOPE VI revitalization project: A three-pronged, grounded visualization approach,” published in Applied Geography, incorporated “drive-by photography” – a process of working with residents to acquire photos and trigger visual memories – and personal histories collected through interviews with qualitative GIS. Read more.

I think, therefore I...

Assistant Professor Chris Reitz

I think, therefore I VISUALIZE

Assistant Professor Chris Reitz (Head of Critical and Curatorial Studies Program and Gallery Director at the Hite Art Institute) focuses on transnational practices in art and exhibitions of the past 30 years, with a particular emphasis on art and the art market in the era of neoliberalism.

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