Anonymous Feedback

Dean Touron is committed to making the College of Arts & Sciences an inclusive and equitable work environment, where the Cardinal Principle of respect is valued and put into action. Suggestions, recommendations, and comments tap into the wisdom of our workforce and are a way to for employees to participate in problem solving. The purpose of anonymity is so that people feel safe; confidentiality is harmed if anonymous comments are made public in any way.   

If you have feedback and would prefer not to identify yourself, you may use the Dean’s Office’s subscription to Incogneato, a service that forwards comments anonymously. Submissions to Incogneato will be reviewed by a committee of four individuals: the Dean, the Chief of Staff, the HR Unit Business Manager, and the Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs. This Committee meets monthly, as needed; if no new comments have been received since the previous meeting, the committee will not meet. Committee members will discuss each submission and provide advice as needed to the Dean regarding how to address comments.  

Within Incogneato, there is an option for receiving a direct response, and it looks like this: 

Your email (optional – if you want a reply) 

If you select this option, you can receive a direct reply, and your email address will remain hidden. Comments that do not request a reply will be considered as general feedback to help the leadership team understand the temperature in the college. If comments include incorrect information that can be easily corrected or clarified, it will be addressed in the appropriate forum.  


Anonymous comments are not the appropriate forum for actionable claims. Rather, they are for the sole purpose of gathering feedback within the College of Arts & Sciences. Allegations of violation of University policy should be directed to the appropriate unit. If information is received related to Title IX or other allegations in which University staff or faculty have a duty to report, the Review Committee will disclose the comment to the appropriate unit.   

Resources for actionable claims include: 

  1. Title IX Office resources, including the Mandatory Reporter Toolkit: 

  1. The Compliance hotline for policy violations: 

  1. The A&S Staff Association Grievance Committee: 

  1. The Ombuds Office, which provides an independent, confidential, informal, neutral, and safe place to voice concerns without fear of retribution: 

  2. Incogneato, the College of Arts & Sciences Anonymous Feedback System: