Urban Studies Institute

The Urban Studies Institute (USI) is an applied economic and demographic research center serving the Louisville metropolitan area and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Proceeds from USI sponsored research projects are used exclusively to fund graduate student internships and assistantships in the Department of Urban and Public Affairs.

Executive Director: Janet Kelly

Janet is a professor of Urban and Public Affairs. She spent ten years as a state and local government finance practitioner prior to her academic career. Her research focus is state and local finance, along with regional economic development. She is the Census Bureau’s Business and Industry Data Center (BIDC) leader for Kentucky.

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Recent USI Publications:

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The Economic Impact of the Automotive Industry in Kentucky (June 2015)

Twenty Year Forecasts of Population and Households, Louisville Economic Area (April 2015)

Forecasts of Water Customers and Water Demand 2015-2035 (February 2015)

Economic Impacts of Medicaid Expansion (January 2015)

The Economic and Fiscal Impacts of the Distilling Industry in Kentucky (October 2014)

An Economic Impact Analysis of the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts (June 2014)

Louisville’s Peer Cities Revisited (February 2014)

The Economic and Fiscal Impacts of the Distilling Industry in Jefferson County (September 2013)

Local Option Sales Tax: A Louisville Perspective (August 2013)

Destination Louisville: Economic and Community Impacts of Tourism (November 2012)