Dean's Scholars and Dean's List

The College of Arts & Sciences

Dean's Scholars and Dean's List

The College of Arts and Sciences hereby recognizes and congratulates the following students for high academic achievement. NOTE: The names of eligible students who have requested non-disclosure of directory information under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act have been omitted.


Dean’s Scholars, Spring 2023
Dean’s List, Spring 2023

Dean's Scholars, Summer 2023
Dean's List, Summer 2023


Dean’s Scholars, Fall 2022
Dean’s List, Fall 2022

Dean’s Scholars, Spring 2022
Dean’s List, Spring 2022


Dean’s Scholars, Fall 2021
Dean’s List, Fall 2021

Dean’s Scholars, Summer 2021
Dean’s List, Summer 2021

Dean’s Scholars, Spring 2021
Dean’s List, Spring 2021


Dean’s Scholars, Fall 2020
Dean’s List, Fall 2020

Dean’s Scholars, Summer 2020
Dean’s List, Summer 2020

Dean’s Scholars, Spring 2020
Dean’s List, Spring 2020