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Graduate Student Spotlight

This May, Lauren Olson completed her MA in Humanities with a linguistics concentration. Her directed study project, “The Pulaar Poetry of Kaaw Elimane Touré: A Voice Intervening in History to Restore the Human Dignity of a Nation,” won the 2020 Grady Nutt Award for Most Creative MA Project in the Humanities.

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Ellen Shaikun

From a Humanities Alumna

“My Humanities major gave me the background and insight I tap into everyday to understand and interact successfully in all of my ‘worlds.’ It provided the necessary mindset I need to navigate successfully through my diverse professional community. Everyone should major in the humanities, but if not, the humanities should be a part of every major—it teaches us about where we came from and who we are and where we can go.”

—Ellen Shaikun, Berkshire Hathaway

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