Department of Sociology

Recent Faculty Research

Leonard, Melinda A.; Damjanovic, Branka; Simic, Goran; and Aldikacti Marshall, Gul (2016) "Peace Building in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Effects of Ingroup Identification, Outgroup Trust and Intergroup Forgiveness on Intergroup Contact," Peace and Conflict Studies: Vol. 23: No. 1, Article 4.

Högnäs, Robin S. and Heidi Williams. Forthcoming. “Maternal Kinship Involvement and Father Identity among Fragile Families” Journal of Family and Economic Issues.

Högnäs, Robin S. and Jason R. Thomas. 2016. “Birds of a Feather Have Babies Together?: Family Structure Homogamy and Union Stability among Cohabiting Parents.”  Journal of Family Issues 37(1): 29-52.

Brooms, Derrick R. (2015). “‘We Didn’t Let the Neighborhood Win’: Black Male Students’ Experiences in Negotiating and Navigating an Urban Neighborhood.” Journal of Negro Education 84(3): 269-281.

Brooms, Derrick R., Joseph Goodman, and Jelisa Clark. (2015). “‘We Need More of This’: Engaging Black Men on College Campuses.” College Student Affairs Journal 33(1): 105-123.

Dr. Bob Carini; "Turkey Is The New Superfood, Friendsgiving Alters Tradition And Other Millennial Holiday Lessons." (Forbes, 2016)

Dr. James Beggan; "The Best and Worst Cities for Singles in 2015." (WalletHub, 2015)

Dr. Latrica Best and W. Carson Byrd; (2015). Advances in Medical Sociology: Genetics and Society (pp. 45-69). Emerald Group Publishers.

Dr.  Deborah A. Potter, Lisa Markowitz, Shiobhan E. Smith, Theresa A. Rajack-Talley, Margaret U. D’Silva, Lindsay J. Della, Quaniqua Carthan and Latrica Best.  “Healthicization and Lay Knowledge about Eating Practices in Two African American Communities.” Qualitative Health Research, (2015).

Department Spotlight

Former MA student, Srijita Sarkar

Srijita Sarkar, who earned her MA in sociology from UofL in 2012, has a forthcoming article, "Women-Centric Films in India," with Dr. Patricia Gagné, professor of sociology at UofL, to be published in the Contemporary Journal of Anthropology and Sociology. Srijita's work looks at women's resistance in independent Hindi language Indian film and argues that such representations of women, particularly in a male-dominated society, encourage social change by fostering open discussion of taboo subjects such as domestic violence and rape. The article is currently in press and will be available in March at

Meet alum, Maggie Stone, PhD

Maggie Stone earned her PhD in 2014 and has the distinction of being the first to graduate from our doctoral program in applied sociology. Upon graduating, Dr. Stone took a faculty position at Marshall University in West Virginia in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, where she is actively involved in teaching and research. Meet Dr. Stone and some other sociology alum and learn how they have used their degrees in sociology.


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