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About the Program

The interdisciplinary Film Studies and Production minor is designed to explore the powerful medium of film through courses in interpretation and in application. Students who complete the minor have knowledge of the history of the film industry, knowledge of major approaches to film criticism and theory, and proficiency in screenwriting, cinematography, sound recording, and editing. These interpretive and production skills enable our graduates to negotiate a world drenched in visual narratives.

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Minor requirements

Required Courses (12 hours)
Humanities 224Introduction to Film
Humanities 324Approaches to Film Interpretation
Communication 338
Communication 335
Introduction to Film Production

Video Communication
Communication 336
Communication 339
Video Communication II

Fiction Film Production


Elective Courses (6 hours)*
Chinese Studies 335China through Film
French 328French Cinema
Humanities 325Survey of Film and Culture
Humanities 326Studies in Film and Culture (may be taken twice with different topics)
Humanities 524Special Topics in Film Studies (may be taken twice with different topics)
Pan-African Studies 312/Communication 326African Americans in American Media
Pan-African Studies 341Black Film and Literature
Political Science 552Politics through Film
Spanish 554Hispanic Culture through Film and Media

*Departments and programs including Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, Communication, English, Humanities, Modern Languages, Music History, and Pan-African Studies routinely offer courses that focus on film studies and production. Relevant courses at or above the 300 level may be counted as electives in the minor at the discretion of the Director of Film Studies and Production.

No more than six hours taken to fulfill the minor may be applied to a major.


Director: John P. Ferré, Ph.D.

Dept. of Communication

University of Louisville

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