The College of Arts and Sciences is the heart of the University of Louisville, providing every undergraduate student with the strong liberal arts foundation that underpins a student’s education regardless of major. As UofL’s largest academic unit, A&S encompasses a diverse range of disciplines, accomplishments and opportunities.

The College of Arts & Sciences


A&S At A Glance

  • Since the College’s founding in 1907, A&S majors have earned more than 50,000 degrees.
  • Approximately 9,000 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled in A&S.
  • With 21 departments in three divisions — Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences — A&S offers more than 70 degree programs.
  • Approximately 400 full-time faculty teach in A&S.

A World of Academic Opportunities for Students in A&S

A&S offers rich opportunities that broaden students’ understanding of and engagement with their community and the world beyond. Through the College’s international programs, students travel abroad to study and engage in service learning in places like Brazil, China, France, South Africa, South Asia, and Trinidad. The College also offers area studies programs in Judaic Studies, Middle East and Islamic Studies, Latin American and Latino Studies, and Asian Studies.

Opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to work with faculty on research provide another avenue for A&S students to broaden their understanding of the disciplines they study.

These diverse experiences have contributed to the success of A&S students in competing for nationally recognized scholarships. Of the 36 UofL students named Fulbright Scholars since 2010, 30 were A&S majors, and Monica Marks, the latest UofL Rhodes scholar, was an A&S student.

Research and Scholarship

A&S is home to more than a dozen Centers and Institutes reflecting research and scholarship in an array of disciplines. Examples include the Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research, the Institute for Intercultural Communication, and the Center for Regulatory and Environmental Analytical Metabolomics.

  • A&S faculty produce more than 400 refereed publications per year.
  • A&S faculty receive more than $8 million in research grants per year.

Service to the Community

A&S also has a long tradition of community engagement through its outreach programs such as NETWORK and the Yearlings Club Series, both of which host regular dialogues with individuals from campus and the community focusing on racial and cultural diversity.