1.00:    Purchasing Policy
2.00:    Duties and Responsibilities
3.00:    Violation of Purchasing Policy and Unauthorized Acts
4.00:    Ethics in Purchasing
5.00:    Small, Minority and Women-Owned Business
6.00:    Purchase By Competitive Sealed Bidding
7.00:    Purchase By Competitive Negotiation
8.00:    Non-Competitive Negotiation/Single Source
9.00:    Contracts
10.00:  Emergency Purchases
11.00:  Personal Services Contracts
12.00:  Procurement Card Program
13.00:  Fleet Fuel Program
14.00:  Bid Protest Policy
15.00:  Preparation of Requisitions in PeopleSoft
16.00:  Kentucky Sales and Use Tax Exemption on Purchases
17.00:  Receiving Purchase Orders Online
18.00:  Duplicate Shipments / Receipt of Incorrect or Defective Goods
19.00:  Damaged Goods in Transit
20.00:  Advice of Change in Order
21.00:  Trade-In Purchases
22.00:  Leasing of Equipment
23.00:  Ordering Radioactive Material
24.00:  Procurement and Record Keeping of Tax-Free Alcohol
25.00:  Purchase of Pre-Owned & Reconditioned Equipment and Products
26.00:  Purchase of Office Supplies
27.00:  Vehicle Rental
28.00:  Purchases from Central Stockroom
29.00:  Purchases from Employees
30.00:  Purchases from Correctional Industries
31.00:  Recycled Material Content Procurement
32.00:  Moving Expense Policy
33.00:  Personal Property Inventory
34.00:  Retaining funds from Sale of Surplus Property Items
35.00:  Eligibility to Participate in Governmental Programs
36.00:  Disposal of Surplus Personal Property
37.00:  Printing Contracts
38.00:  State Registration
39.00:  Reciprocal Preference
40.00:  Supplier Code of Conduct
41.00:  Vehicle Purchase Policy
42.00:  Campus Sponsorship Policy

Guidelines for the purchase and use of personal space heaters