What Our Graduates Are Saying

"I would recommend this course to others in my agency. Made great associations with other law enforcement personnel and instructors. Overall great experience. Coordinator kept things highly organized."

"Very happy with the entirety of this course. I have recommended it to countless other law enforcement professionals and agencies."

"Worthwhile, understandable. The kind of course I will be referencing for the rest of my career and my life."

"The CODC was a complete and thorough combination of pertinent training for command level officers. The subjects were overall fantastic and relevant to our profession. The format of the class, classes and structure of the lesson were the best I've ever participated in."

"CODC was a fantastic experience that was highly relevant for police leaders. It was very understandable and I hope it continues to be offered in New England."

"This course is more than worthwhile and should be a prerequisite for all up and coming commanders."

"This was by far the best course I have attended in my career – great information, filled with classmates who want to behere and easger to learn and help each other."

"CODC is well worth it.  I recommend all leaders to attend SPI CODC.  I came in not knowing what to think and not expecting much to gain.  I was wrong.  I gained more than I would ever have imagined."

"The CODC was the best leadership and management course I have attended in my 24 years of policing. The materials was timely, current, and presented by authorities and leaders in the field. I have already recommended this course to many L.E. colleagues."

"Great class and excellent experience. Probably the first group I have ever been with for an extended period. Instruction was outstanding and material was relevant. I would like all of our staff to attend."

"The course was excellent! It provided a vast array of information over the 10 weeks and encouraged an interactive classroom where input was not only sought, it was essential to closing the loop."

"The course was very valuable and I definitely learned a lot. Many of the instructors were masters of their craft and presented incredibly well."

"I thought the course was excellent and very beneficial. It was well run and fit perfectly into busy lives of police supervisors. I thoroughly enjoyed it after being apprehensive about coming....I highly recommend this class to any police leader."

"I found this course to be excellent and well worth the commitment and time. I am going back to my agency with a great deal of knowledge I obtained through the course."


"The course was very worthwhile. In many areas the instruction was fresh and relative to the current job tasks. I feel that my job and personal growth was enhanced by this experience."

"Very good course with strong content for any manager in police work."

"This course was found to be extremely useful for my professional development as I have learned a great deal. Although long, I have enjoyed every minute and would recommend this course to other officers."

"From strangers to friends....In the beginning we were able to be eager and attentive however going through the process it became intense and a continued commitment. However, the course is definitely worthwhile and I am extremely proud that I participated."

"The course as a whole was extremely worthwhile and rewarding for me. It reinforced my knowledge in some areas and taught me quite a bit in others. Mostly, it made me think in different ways and enlightened me about my own department."

"The course was definitely worthwhile. It is a good course for upper management personnel to prepare for contemporary issues in policing."

"Challenging course. I have already discussed with my Chief in anticipation of sending additional people."

"This course did a great job reinforcing knowledge I already had along with providing new knowledge and skills."

"I am very pleased with the course overall. Great resume builder, and very applicable to today's law enforcement environment."

“This course is more than worthwhile and should be a prerequisite for all up and coming commanders.”

“This was by far the best course I have attended in my career - great information, filled with classmates who want to be here and eager to learn and help each other.”

“CODC is well worth it. I recommend all leaders to attend SPI CODC. I came in not knowing what to think and not expecting much to gain. I was wrong. I gained much more than I would imagine.”

“This was a very formative and well worth the time. This (course) will propel me as well as my agency to the next level.”

"The course is a must for anyone considering promotion to command staff."

"The CODC was an excellent course. This is by far the best leadership course I have taken. All of the topics were relevant and helpful in assisting in the progression of my future. I am appreciative to all the instructors who shared their knowledge and experience with me."

"This class clearly provides the framework to be a successful administrator. The course is lengthy as it should be based on the extensive amount of disciplines involved in our line of work."

"Course was excellent. Instructors were insightful. Contacts made are invaluable."

"The ten week course was very valuable to me. As a sergeant it helped me considerably to change my supervisory and management perspective from that of a line supervisor and adopt that of upper executive management."

"This was a great course. The topics were perfect for today's commanders."

"It was a great place to network and get great contacts..."

"The course is worthwhile and should be experienced by line supervisors well in advance of promotion to mid and upper level management. I have a new understanding of the administrative perspective. My life would have been easier had that knowledge been given before being promoted."

"Glad I had the opportunity to attend. Big accomplishment."

"This is the right course to prepare our future and present police leaders to address today's law enforcement challenges."

"The course was very challenging and very rewarding. The blocks covered all the areas to began to make the student an effective leader for his/her respective department."


"Realistic and practical instruction is priceless."

"CODC was an excellent course. Plenty of coordination and effort was involved in placing this course together. It was definitely worthwhile and I'm glad I was part of it."

"I valued all ten weeks of this course. Highly worthwhile and I will recommend to my peer supervisors."

“This course was very enlightening and covered a great deal of material, which I believe is critical to my advancement  in my organization."

"The professionalism and knowledge of all instructors was great. I took a great deal away from this opportunity and will recommend this course in the future."

"Very good course. I learned a lot of great information that I can use in life and to take back to work."

"This course was excellent. I feel privileged to have attended. I made some amazing contacts."

“I couldn’t wait to start the course because of its reputation. The course was excellent, demanding and I learned a lot.  I would recommend this course. Proud to be a graduate.”

"The course covers a wide variety of topics pertinent to what an administrator at a police agency should be familiar with."

"This is an outstanding course that is worthwhile. The information that was provided will assist in creating great leaders."

“The course opens your eyes.  I feel that I learned a lot about management.  The course provided me with a new understanding of the overall job of a manager/leader.”

"I thought the course was great! It covered all that I need for becoming a commander. I learned so much and will be able to use it all in everyday duties."

"The class did what was expected and better informed me for further advancement. I am proud to be a member and honored to say I am a graduate. Thank you for a great session."

"The course was everything I expected and I think it is going to help me in my career development. I will recommend it in the future to other officers in my agency."

“Overall a phenomenal course….Course lives up to its reputation.”