DEI Racial Equity Principle of the Week: Principle #2

DEI Racial Equity Principle of the Week: Principle 2

For the next several weeks we will be sharing 1 of 10 Racial Equity Principles created through the work of several grassroots organizations, most notably the Dismantling Racism Works collaborative, and curated by Tema Okun. Each Racial Equity Principle includes a definition and description of how applying that principle may look in our daily lives. We encourage you to reflect on the description of each principle, how much you can relate to or see value in it, and to what extent you may want to apply any of the approaches suggested in your daily lives, inside and outside of the Kent School. 


Racial Equity Principle #2: Work on All 3 Levels

"dRworks offered one framework to understand racism based on how it shows up on three levels: personal/interpersonal (how we are with ourselves and each other), institutional (policies, procedures, practices), and cultural (beliefs, values, norms). Liberation shows up on all three as well. This principle suggests that working for racial justice means we need to work on each of the three levels. If our organization or community offers expertise and skills in two of the three, we can intentionally partner with organizations and communities working on the other. For example, an organizing initiative focused on teachers in a mid-size southern city is offering yoga classes for their members, led by yoga teachers committed to tying their practice to the vision of building a strong public education."

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