Spring 2020 Alumni News

Kent Alumni Spotlight: DeShara Doub, MSSW 18'

DeShara Doub, MSSW graduated from the Kent School in 2018 with a specialization in Couple and Family Therapy.  As a  Kent student, DeShara was actively engaged in her studies. While in the MSSW program she had her first international travel experience with the Department of Pan African Studies through the study abroad program to Trinidad and Tobago.  She received many academic awards including the: MSSW Outstanding Student, Graduate Dean Citation, and the Raymond A. Kent Student Award through the Kent School of Social Work.  Doub has also received the Hometown Hero Award through the Office of Black Church Studies and Advance Learning at Louisville Seminary, the Engagement Award through the Cultural Center, Service Award through the Society of Porter Scholars and the Community Impact Award through the Kentucky Alliance Against Racial and Political Oppression. Deshara recalls some of her favorite professors at Kent were Dr. Shawnise Miller, Dr. Armon Perry, Dr. Emma Sterrett-Hong, Professor Larry Michalczyk, and Lori Paris to whom she attributes to her academic success as a student.  “These professors challenged me to think beyond my scope of understanding, believed in me and supported me when I was unsure if I would make it through the program.”  One of her favorite moments at U of L was being selected as MSSW Outstanding Student, which she describes as "such a surreal moment for me to be leading my peers!"

Today, Doub is the founder and CEO of Vision of Promise LLC., a counseling and consulting services business that provides inclusive and culturally sensitive counseling and consulting services to individuals, couples, families, and groups.  The Kent alum says she decided to pursue the social work profession to “be the change, mentor, advocate and resource that she wishes she would have had growing up,” and to provide culturally competent care to other marginalized and minority groups. What she enjoys most about her job is to "see someone who was on the brink of counting themselves out or giving up hope see light at the end of the tunnel and find the courage and motivation to seek change.” Doub feels like the Kent School prepared her for the social work profession through the rigorous academic program, leadership opportunities and experience gained from practicum placements. "I had the tools to compete with other high level professionals in the workforce, in addition to opening doors for extraordinary opportunities that I would not have had without the MSSW.”

Doub's advice to current and prospective social work students is to connect with professors and alumni while in school. "These people could help you with job recommendations, mentorship and a sounding board during your journey through social work."


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