Graduate Student Travel Instructions

The first two steps need to be completed before any amount of money for travel reimbursement is secure. 

  1. If you plan to apply for travel funds for the upcoming fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) you must complete the yearly travel funding request form.
  2. Fill out a Pre-Authorization Travel form at least one month prior to your trip. Please do not include any receipts with this form. All receipts should be submitted with the expense report. Late submissions are subject to funding denial. 

Note: Per Diem rates are set at the CONUS rate and subject to deductions based on departure, arrival, and meals provided. 

When you return from travel

    • Complete the Travel Expense Report  within 2 weeks of your return date. Late submissions will be forwarded to the Director of Graduate Studies and are subject to a decrease in funding or denial of funding. 
    • Be sure to submit all receipts from the trip. Your award will be based on the receipts provided and Per Diem policy (if you choose to claim Per Diem). You will not be contacted to submit more receipts to meet your maximum award.

    If you are receiving GSC funding submit:

    • GSC Reimbursement Form
    • GSC letter
    • Proof of Presentation (Conference page with your name or email of acceptance)

    Reimbursement information

    The department awards travel reimbursements through the financial aid system. Reimbursements will process through their refund system. Please be sure to set your refund preferences before you submit your travel. 

    Note: If you have received the maximum amount of financial aid (according to federal law), this award may reduce the amount of your loans rather than be disbursed to your bank account. The University of Louisville is required to adhere to all federal, state, and institutional guidelines. If your aid package is adjusted as a result, you will receive notification at the time of adjustment through your university email. No warning will be issued by the financial aid office prior to this adjustment being made. Policy information is available at the financial aid department website.

    Travel at the End of the Fiscal Year

    If a student is completing travel within the last two weeks of the fiscal year, they may apply to the graduate committee to have travel funding disbursed after the purchase of flights, hotels, or registration.  Students should inform the graduate committee as early as possible, as the committee may not be able to meet on short notice.  Should a student then fail to complete the travel for which the funding was requested, they may not be eligible for travel funding in subsequent years.