Brand Identity & Visual Standards

Guidelines for creating UofL-branded marketing materials and websites


Our logo is our face to the public. It represents us at the highest level as a source of identification, a marker of legitimacy and a point of pride. It is crucial to our brand and should always be reproduced with the highest quality and consistency.

The university’s official logo is the University of Louisville graphic signature, with or without the Cardinal head attached.

An official logo should be used on all university marketing communications, including printed pieces, visual presentations, advertising and any other materials that represent the university to external audiences. It should appear on the front or back cover of all printed communications unless an exception has been granted by OCM.

General Application Guidelines

To maintain a high level of quality and consistency across a variety of applications, the following guidelines must be followed when applying the logo:

Our logo should be reproduced from an original vector-based file whenever possible. Contact the Office of Communication & Marketing at 502-852-6171 or by emailing
Printed applications should use the CMYK color space version of the marks, while web or screen-based applications (video, presentations, mobile, etc.) should use the RGB color space with hexadecimal or rgba values.
No version of the mark may be used to replace the words “University of Louisville” or “UofL” in a sentence or headline. They should be used only as stand-alone design elements.
No design element should approximate our mascot (cardinal bird) or primary logo, either serving in the capacity of ad hoc logo or as a decorative symbol. Creating illustrations of birds or using photographs of cardinal birds degrades the university’s mascot instead of supporting it, reducing pride and recognition in the process.
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