Brand Identity & Visual Standards

Guidelines for creating UofL-branded marketing materials and websites

Limited Applications (Short-Forms)

The careful restriction of our brand in regards to visual identities grants control, but also permits the university to see situations in which extra allowances must be made. Such is the case for branded merchandise.

On physical goods, audience attention to our brand identifier (logo application) is brief, both in the amount of time an audience spends noticing our mark, as well as the amount of time our brand ambassador has to present themselves as an organization representative. Because of this, it is necessary to offer the option of a short-form name.

Note: It is always preferred that offices, departments, etc. speak with the ‘voice’ of the university and leverage the equity of the master brand identity.

These lockups may not be used in any other context or for any other purpose. Additionally, the eligibility of a campus organization to be awarded a short name is determined exclusively by the Office of Communication & Marketing. For more information or to request official artwork contact

Use of these lockups on promotional materials are subject to the approval of a dean or vice president. The decision to use a short-form name on merchandise (as opposed to an approved secondary logo for a school or college) resides with the leadership of that particular unit.

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The purpose of the short name allowance is to communicate quickly and concisely. If granted, short-form names will be determined by the Office of Communication & Marketing and may not be created ad hoc. Names must:


  • Be short (e.g. Law)
  • Capture the spirit of the unit in common terms the public would identify with (e.g. ‘Parking’ vs. ‘Parking & Transportation Services’)

Must Not

  • Not be an organizational name in entirety (e.g. Brandeis School of Law)
  • Not include modifiers such as office, department, division, committee, center, institute, school, college, etc.
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Who is Eligible?

Organizational units including colleges, schools, board-approved centers/institutes, offices and departments are permitted use for promotional merchandise use only.

Eligibility does not indicate permission to create ad hoc short-form identities.

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Who is Not Eligible?

  • Academic or administrative positions or titles (e.g. Chief Financial Officer)
  • Committees, grants, labs, research projects
  • Student groups or organizations
  • Campuses or physical locations (e.g. clinics)
  • Individual persons
  • Degree programs
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Merchandise Short-Form Name Styles

Two configurations for merchandise are presented as options for short names. Option #1 works better for full-color printing as the pipe separating the monogram and the short form name is in a receded gray.

Artwork for a particular application and unit will be created by the Office of Communication & Marketing upon request, and sent directly to a licensed and approved UofL merchandise vendor.

Short Form Version 1
Short Form Version 2
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