Brand Identity & Visual Standards

Guidelines for creating UofL-branded marketing materials and websites

One-Line Logo & Monogram

Within the UofL brand there are secondary marks in the form of our One-Line Logo and our Monogram. These marks are typically utilized in response to specific space requirements of a layout.

General Use Guidelines

Either mark may be used on official publications, marketing or advertising. However, context and audience should be taken into account when using the monogram. The moniker “UofL” is widely known within the state of Kentucky but outside of the region we are known as “Louisville” or more completely the “University of Louisville.” As such, when speaking to an audience outside our geographic region, it is important to use one of our primary marks instead.

Various color combination examples are shown below. In order to maximize brand impact, full-color is preferred when possible. At all times, it is imperative the logo be clear and visible. On darker backgrounds, using the all-white version is often the safest.

The UofL logo should never be recreated or typeset. Official logo files should be used in all communications.


Information on obtaining our logos can be found on the download page.


Any printed materials or merchandise that include our one-line logo or monogram must be produced by vendors specifically licensed to reproduce our trademarks. For more information can be found in this section or by contacting

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Clear Space

Always observe the protected area around the logo. Nothing should intrude into this specified clear space when employing the logo in any application.

Regardless of scale, the minimum size of the clear zone for the one-line logo and monogram must equal the size of a box represented in the yellow box labeled “X” (equaling the height of the letter L).

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Minimum Size

At a certain size, our one line logo and monogram become illegible. To ensure the integrity of these marks, do not reproduce them at a size less than 1.5" (108px) and 0.5" respectively (including clear space).

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The preferred placement for the logo (in print applications) is in the corners of the layout. For example, in an advertisement or the cover of a publication, the logo should be in the top right of left corner ideally.

On desktop websites, the logo should always be top-left in placement, as is digital standard. For mobile uses, the primary signature or logo may be substituted for the one-line logo or monogram to save vertical screen real estate.

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