Brand Identity & Visual Standards

Guidelines for creating UofL-branded marketing materials and websites

Partnerships & Co-Branding

The University of Louisville is an active partner in our surrounding community and region. As such, it is common for partnerships and other joint endeavors (with both internal and external entities) to be involved in marketing and advertising. As such, there is a need to define how to best represent UofL in each of these partnerships.

Internal Co-Branding

When more than one UofL entity (school, college, center, institute, etc.) is involved in a partnership or sponsorship, multiple UofL logos are not permitted to be used. Instead, the primary signature or primary logo may be used, along with a listing of the involved groups (obeying clear space rules).

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External Co-Branding

UofL is often involved in co-branding situations with external companies, schools and organizations. In all instances, it is imperative that the integrity of our mark be preserved, both in color and in clear space. Due to our mark being in close physical proximity to other brand marks, clear space in these situations are doubled from the normal value.

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Before engaging in any promotional activity or co-branding opportunity that incorporates the University of Louisville's registered name, trademark or other mark, units must contact the Office of Communication & Marketing at 502.852.6171 or

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