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Faculty & Staff Directory

Albers, TammySPHIS AdministrationStaff
Allen, Susan OlsonHealth Management and Systems SciencesFaculty
Banta, Jason ASPHIS AdministrationStaff
Barnette, JackSPHIS AdministrationAssociate Dean
Baumgartner, Richard NEpidemiology and Population HealthChair
Baumgartner, Kathy BEpidemiology and Population HealthAssociate Dean
Benitez, JosephHealth Management and Systems SciencesFaculty
Bewley, Lee WHealth Management and Systems SciencesFaculty
Bhandari, BikashBioinformatics and BiostatisticsStaff
Blakely, CraigSPHIS AdministrationDean
Boone, StephanieEpidemiology and Population HealthFaculty
Brock, GuyBioinformatics and BiostatisticsFaculty
Brooks, DarriusSPHIS AdministrationStaff
Buchino, SusanCommonwealth Institute of KentuckyStaff
Chandan, Priya Health Management and Systems SciencesFaculty
Clover, Richard DHealth Promotion and Behavioral SciencesFaculty
Combs, Ryan M.Health Promotion and Behavioral SciencesFaculty
Creel, LizaHealth Management and Systems SciencesFaculty
Dillman, LindaSPHIS AdministrationStaff
Dosker, LynneBioinformatics and BiostatisticsStaff
Duffy, SherryCommonwealth Institute of KentuckyStaff
Esterhay, BobHealth Management and Systems SciencesFaculty
Gaskins, JeremyBioinformatics and BiostatisticsFaculty
Groves, FrankEpidemiology and Population HealthFaculty
Gunaratnam, BakeerathanBioinformatics and BiostatisticsFacultyFaculty
Harris, Muriel JHealth Promotion and Behavioral SciencesFaculty
Hollkamp, JudySPHIS AdministrationStaff
Hoyle, GaryEnvironmental and Occupational Health SciencesFaculty
Humphrey, DavidEnvironmental and Occupational Health SciencesStaff
Ingram, MoniqueHealth Promotion and Behavioral SciencesStaff
Jackson, TrinidadHealth Promotion and Behavioral SciencesStaff
Jacobs, Robert REnvironmental and Occupational Health SciencesFaculty
Jennings, J'AimeHealth Management and Systems SciencesFaculty
Johnson, Christopher EHealth Management and Systems SciencesChair
Johnson, David A.Health Management and Systems SciencesPostdoctoral Associate
Kays, KimberlySPHIS AdministrationStaff
Kelly Pryor, Brandy N.Health Promotion and Behavioral SciencesFaculty
Kerber, RichardEpidemiology and Population HealthFaculty
Kerr, JelaniHealth Promotion and Behavioral SciencesFaculty
Kong, MaiyingBioinformatics and BiostatisticsFaculty
Kulasekera, K.B.Bioinformatics and BiostatisticsChair
LaJoie, A. ScottHealth Promotion and Behavioral SciencesFaculty
Lewis, Vicki M.SPHIS AdministrationStaff
Little, BertHealth Management and Systems SciencesFaculty
Long, WandaSPHIS AdministrationStaff
Lorenz, DougBioinformatics and BiostatisticsFaculty
McKinney, William PSPHIS AdministrationAssociate Dean
Mitra, RitenBioinformatics and BiostatisticsFaculty
Mo, YiqunEnvironmental and Occupational Health SciencesStaff
Musah, SadiatuEnvironmental and Occupational Health SciencesPostdoctoral Associate
Neal, RachelEnvironmental and Occupational Health SciencesFaculty
Newlon, RobinEpidemiology and Population HealthStaff
Nunn, EricSPHIS AdministrationStaff
Parker, BarbaraEnvironmental and Occupational Health Sciences
Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences
Pinkston, ChristinaBioinformatics and BiostatisticsStaff
Quick, RachelSPHIS AdministrationStaff
Rai, SheshBioinformatics and BiostatisticsFaculty
Ramji, AbdulrasulSPHIS AdministrationAssistant Dean
Reid, GlenSPHIS AdministrationStaff
Reynolds, WintonSPHIS AdministrationDeputy Director
Robinson, TiffanyDevelopmentStaff
Samuelsen, Darla D.Health Management and Systems SciencesStaff
Schlueter, Connie FEnvironmental and Occupational Health SciencesStaff
Schreck, MelissaSPHIS AdministrationStaff
Schulte, JoannEpidemiology and Population HealthFaculty
Stanev, Noemi D.Commonwealth Institute of KentuckyStaff
Steiner, Rob PrasaadHealth Management and Systems SciencesFaculty
Stowers, Carol ASPHIS AdministrationStaff
Taylor, Kira C.Epidemiology and Population HealthFaculty
Thomas, Tammi AlveySPHIS AdministrationStaff
Tollerud, David JEnvironmental and Occupational Health SciencesFaculty
Wainscott, Barry LHealth Management and Systems SciencesFaculty
Wallis, Anne BEpidemiology and Population Health &
Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences
Walton, PeteSPHIS AdministrationAssociate Dean
Wendel, MonicaSPHIS AdministrationAssociate Dean
Williams, Aubrey R. Office of Public Health PracticeStaff
Wilson, Richard WHealth Promotion and Behavioral SciencesChair
Wu, DongfengBioinformatics and BiostatisticsFaculty
Yang, DongyanEpidemiology and Population HealthFaculty
Zhang, QunweiEnvironmental and Occupational Health SciencesFaculty
Zheng, QiBioinformatics and BiostatisticsFaculty
Zierold, KristinaEpidemiology and Population HealthFaculty

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