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Ryan M. Combs, Ph.D.

Ryan CombsHealth Promotion and Behavioral Sciences 
Associate Professor 
485 E. Gray St., Room 210
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Ryan M. Combs, Ph.D., M.A., joined the Department of Health Promotion & Behavioral Sciences as an Assistant Professor in 2015 after working for four years as a post-doctoral researcher in the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences at the University of Manchester (UK). He was promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure on July 1, 2022. Dr. Combs currently serves on the Faculty Senate and is the chair of the UofL LGBTQ Faculty & Staff Association.

Dr. Combs is interested in the impact of health policies and practices on marginalized populations. He has several years of experience conducting qualitative and community-based participatory research in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders such as community members and groups, patient populations, policymakers, public health professionals, and health care providers. His qualitative work employs inductive, interpretive approaches to data analysis, most often using applied thematic analysis or constructivist grounded theory method. 

He is a member of the American Public Health Association. He previously served on the Sexuality and Politics Executive Council at the American Political Science Association. He is also very active in the community, serving on the Louisville Metro Public Health & Wellness Medical Reserve Corps and having served on the boards of the Fairness Education Fund (co-chair), Louisville Youth Group (vice president), and Evolve502. 

Dr. Combs received his master’s degree in politics (governance & public policy) and his Ph.D. in politics (health policy) from the University of Manchester. He also has a graduate certificate in health professions education. In addition to public health, he has teaching experience in the disciplines of politics, medicine, and gender studies.

Research Interests

Methods - community-based participatory research; qualitative methods; emancipatory research. Topics - health disparities; health literacy; politics and health policy; healthcare delivery systems in the United States and United Kingdom; psychosocial experiences with healthcare; trauma and minority stress; intersectionality. Populations - groups that have experienced historical marginalization and underrepresentation, including LGBTQ communities in the US and UK, transgender and nonbinary people, LGBTQ+ youth, people with disabilities, people of color, and West and South Louisville residents.


  • Graduate (Ph.D.)             PHPB 710           Social Justice and Health Equity Research                    
  • Graduate (Ph.D.)             PHPB 750           Ph.D. Seminar                                                                 
  • Graduate (Ph.D.)             PHPB 711           Qualitative Research                                                       
  • Graduate (MPH)              PHPB 650           LGBTQ+ Health                                                               
  • Graduate (MPH)              PHPB 612           Health Communications Campaigns    

Honors & Awards

Research Awards

  • 2022 - Teaching & Learning in Medicine Editors’ Choice Award, for “Perspectives of Transgender and Genderqueer Standardized Patients in Medical Education” (Noonan et al.)
  • 2021/22 - Society for Simulation in Healthcare Article of Influence, for “Gender Minorities in Simulation: A Mixed Methods Study of Medical School Standardized Patient Programs in the U.S. and Canada” (Bohnert et al.)
  • 2009 - American Political Science Association Bailey Award for exceptional LGBTQ+ paper, for “Gender Mainstreaming in the European Union: Not for All? The EU's Role in Healthcare Provision for Trans People” (Combs)  

University Awards

  • 2021, 22 - University of Louisville Faculty Favorite Nominee  
  • 2021, 22 - University of Louisville Student Champion         

Community Awards

  • 2021, 22 - Louisville Business First Forty Under 40 Nominee
  • 2020 - Commissioned a Kentucky Colonel, the Commonwealth’s Highest Title of Honor
  • 2016 - Attendee, White House Convening on Advancing LGBT Progress in Rural America
  • 2012, 13 - Guest, 10 Downing Street (British Prime Minister’s Residence) LGBT reception   

Journal Articles (*indicates student first author)

1. Combs, R., McAllister, M., Payne, K. Lowndes, J., Devery, S., Webster, A.R., Downes, S.M., Moore, A.T., Ramsden, S., Black, G., & Hall, G. (2013). Understanding the impact of genetic testing for inherited retinal dystrophy. European Journal of Human Genetics, 21, 1209–1213. doi: 10.1038/ejhg.2013.19

2. Durose, C. Richardson, L., Combs, R., Eason, C., & Gains, F. (2013). Acceptable difference: diversity, representation and pathways in UK politics. Parliamentary Affairs, 66(2), 246-267. doi: 10.1093/pa/gss085

3. Eden, M., Payne, K., Combs, R.M., Hall, G., McAllister, M., & Black, G.C.M. (2013). Valuing the benefits of genetic testing for Retinitis Pigmentosa: a pilot application of the contingent valuation method. British Journal of Ophthalmology, 97(8), 1051-1056. doi: 10.1136/bjophthalmol-2012-303020

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Book Chapters

Combs, R. (2018) "Health Care Policy," In: The Remarkable Rise of Transgender RightsTaylor, J.K., Lewis, D.C., Haider-Markel, D.P. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

Turner, L, Whittle, S., Combs, R.  (2017) "Transphobic Hate Crime in the European Union," In: Hate Crime: Critical Concepts in Criminology. Bean, P., ed. London: Routledge.

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Combs, R. (2013) "Gender variance: the intersection of understandings held in the medical and social sciences," In Situating Intersectionality, Wilson, A.R., ed. New York: Palgrave.

Research Reports & Other Publications

Jones, A., Combs, R., Buchino, S. (2016) LGBTQ Health Equity & Access Project Final Report, Louisville: Commonwealth Institute.

Combs, R. (2014) Case Study 7: A qualitative study investigating the psychosocial impact of urinary incontinence on people with vascular conditions (PHIEBI), Patient and Public Involvement Case Studies in Primary Care Research, London: NHS National Institute for Health Research.

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Whittle, S., Turner, L., Combs, R., Rhodes, S. (2008) Transgender EuroStudy: Legal Survey and Focus on the Transgender Experience of Health Care. Brussels: ILGA-Europe.               

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