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Adjunct Faculty

Bioinformatics & Biostatistics

Somnath Datta, PhD
Professor - somnath.datta@ufl.edu
Affiliation: Professor, University of Florida, Department of Biostatistics

Susmita Datta, PhD
Professor - susmita.datta@ufl.edu
Affiliation: Professor, University of Florida, Department of Biostatistics

Rebekah Musselwhite, PhD
Assistant Professor - 

Epidemiology & Population Health

Tyler Ellis, MD
Assistant Professor - ctelli06@louisville.edu
Affiliation: Instructor of Surgery, UofL School of Medicine, Department of Surgery

Matthew Groenewold, PhD, MPH
Assistang Professor - 
Affiliation: Centers for Disease Control, Cincinnati, OH

Sarojini Kanotra, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor -  jinikanotra@gmail.com
Affiliation: Program Director/EPI III at Kentucky Dept for Public Health

Goetz Kloecker, MD, MSPH, MBA
Assistant Professor - goetzkloecker@yahoo.com
Affiliation: Associate Professor of Medicine, UofL Department of Medicine; Director of Thoracic Medical Oncology, J. Graham Brown Cancer Center; Director of the Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program

Doug Thoroughman, PhD
Assistant Professor -  
Affiliation: Kentucky Department for Public Health

Tim Wiemken, PhD
Associate Professor - 
Affiliation: Saint Louis University Center for Outcomes Research

Health Management & Systems Sciences

Liza Creel, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor - 
Affiliation: University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Theo Edmunds, JD
Associate Professor - 
Affiliation: University of Colorado Denver

Michael Goldsby Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor - mgoldsby@ucsd.edu
Affiliation: UCSD School of Medicine - La Jolla, CA

Alex Kerns, PhD, MHA
Assistant Professor - Alex.Kerns@louisville.edu
Affiliation : AVP of Operations, Episodic Care Division, Baptist Health System KY & IN

Robert M. Malina, PhD
Professor -  rmalina@1skyconnect.net
Affiliation:  Professor Emeritus, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, University of Texas in Austin

Michael Mills, PhD
Assistant Professor -  mdmill03@louisville.edu
Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, J. Graham Brown Cancer Center, Radiation Oncology

Sarah S. Moyer, MD, MPH
Associate Professor -
Affiliation: Chief Medical Officer, Humana Healthy Horizons of Kentucky

Arnold Schecter, MD, MPH
Professor -  ajschecter@aol.com
Affiliation: University of Louisville, Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology

Martha Schecter, JD
Associate Professor -  mjschecter@aol.com
Affiliation: Empire State College

Srikanth Tangelloju, PhD
Assistant Professor - 
Affiliation: Humana

James Taylor, Dman, MHA, MBA
Assistant Professor -  jtaylor@ulh.org
Affiliation: Senior Advisor, University Medical Center; Board Member, Community Foundation of Louisville

Judah Thornewill, PhD
Assistant Professor -  judah.thornewill@gmail.com
Affiliation: CEO, Intrinsica Global, Inc.; Chief Science Officer, Intrinsica Institute

Beatrice Ugiliweneza, PhD
Assistant Professor - b0ugil01@exchange.louisville.edu
Affiliation: University of Louisville, Department of Neurosurgery

Giang Vu, DDS, MS, PhD
Assistant Professor - 
Affiliation: University of Central Florida

Robin Weiss, PhD, MPH, CLC, LCCE
Assistant Professor - robin.weiss@louisville.edu
Affiliation: Childbirth Education Project

William Yasnoff, MD, PhD
Professor -  william.yasnoff@nhiiadvisors.com
Affiliation: Medical Director, AMA; Health Information Technology Consultant, Washington, D.C.

Steve Zimmerman, PhD
Assistant Professor - 
Affiliation: Bright Health

Health Promotion & Behavioral Sciences

Joan Buchar, PhD
Assistant Professor -  jmbuchar@gmail.com
Affiliation: Former senior program officer, Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky: Advocacy and Investing in Kentucky’s Future initiatives.

Priya Chandan, PhD, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor -  
Affiliation: UofL School of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery

Deborah Davis, PhD
Professor - 
Affiliation: UofL School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics

Lindsay Della, PhD
Associate Professor - 
Affiliation: University of Louisville College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Communication

Jessica Dobbins, DrPH
Assistant Professor - jdobbins@humana.com
Affiliation: Humana

Nana Ama Erzuah-Bullock, MPH, PhD
Assistant Professor- nanaama.bullock@louisville.edu

Katie Leslie, PhD
Assistant Professor - klfarm02@louisville.edu
Affiliation: Program Director, UofL Health Sciences Center Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Diana Pantalos, PhD
Assistant Professor - diana.pantalos@louisville.edu
Affiliation: Registered Dietician, UofL  Department of Pediatrics, Weisskopf Child Evaluation Center








Last updated: 2022-10-05



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