Prospective Sites and Supervisors

Practicum Sites and Supervisors

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Thank you for your interest in the Kent School of Social Work’s Practicum Education Program! The Kent School partners with human service organizations to create social work practicums for undergraduate (BSW) and graduate (MSSW) students. Practicum Faculty Liaisons are assigned to students and Practicum Instructors and/or Task Supervisors to provide information, guidance, and support to ensure a positive practicum experience. The Practicum Education Office provides orientation, training, and practicum supervisor networking and support throughout the year.  Total hours worked by students are:

BSW (Fall/Spring semesters only): 16 hours weekly; 225 each semester; 450 grand total

MSSW 1st-Year/Generalist (Fall/Spring or Spring/Summer semesters): 16 hours weekly; 225 each semester; 450 grand total

MSSW 2nd-Year/Specialized (Fall/Spring or Spring/Summer semesters): 18 hours weekly; 250 each semester; 500 grand total

Prospective Sites

Human service organizations considered for practicum sites are typically public and non-profit organizations that serve diverse populations and have well established service delivery programs. Organizations must be able to provide direct practice opportunities and experiences in a range of generalist and specialized/clinical social work activities. Organizations must be able to provide the space and resources for students to complete roles and assignments as well as allow practicum supervisors the release time to provide orientation, ongoing training, and weekly hourly supervision. 

Prospective Supervisors

Practicum Instructors must hold an MSW/MSSW degree from a CSWE accredited institution and two years post-graduate, full-time work experience. While MSW/MSSW degrees are preferred, individuals holding BSW degrees from a CSWE accredited institution and two years post-graduate degree work experience may provide supervision for BSW students.

Please review the Kent School Practicum Education Program Brochure for more information.

If you would like to discuss partnership, please complete the Prospective Practicum Site Form and the UL KENT Practicum Instructor – Task Supervisor Information Form which may be completed electronically and emailed to The Practicum Education Office will contact you to provide additional information and answer questions.