Restorative Solutions Committee

Kent School of Social Work


The mission of the Restorative Solutions Committee is to address diversity and social justice concerns within the Kent School of Social Work using a restorative justice approach.


The vision of this Committee is to create a more equitable Kent School of Social Work.

Committee Members

Faculty representatives

Staff Representatives

Community Advisors

Filing a Report


If you are a student, staff member or faculty person who has experienced an incident related to any kind of oppression and would like to file a report, please contact the Restorative Solutions Committee through this link:  The link you are directed to for filing a report is ANONYMOUS.

We ask that your report provide information that will help the Committee better understand the event.  A brief overview of the event (e.g., what happened, who was involved, when and where it took place, etc…).  The link you are directed to for filing a report is ANONYMOUS.  Some people may only feel comfortable filing a report if they remain anonymous.  The Committee would like to encourage and support people to identify themselves and provide contact information (e.g., phone number; email address) when they file a report.  We believe the Mission and Vision of the Committee (engaging in healing through a restorative justice approach) may be better facilitated if the person(s) filing the report provide this information.

Detailed information about the Committee, including definitions, goals, roles and confidentiality can be found HERE.