Dispute Resolution and Grievance

Information for Faculty Members Seeking to Resolve a Dispute by Filing a Grievance

The University provides two mechanisms to faculty members for resolving disputes that cannot be resolved through informal efforts. Redbook, Chapter 4, Article 4.4 recognizes two types of disputes; each with distinct procedures.  In all instances, the faculty member must initiate use of the dispute resolution procedures.  Some disputes, referred to as Type 2 disputes, proceed directly to the grievance process and are initiated with the Faculty Grievance Officer. In most cases, a Type 1 dispute exists and consultation with the Ombudsperson is a requirement before a grievance complaint can be filed with the Faculty Grievance Officer. There are a number of options to resolve Type 1 disputes including mediation.  These options are available through the Office of the Ombudsperson under the procedures specified in Redbook, Chapter 4, Article 4.4.

A dispute is difference of opinion between a faculty member and another faculty member or administrator that has led to a perceived material disadvantage by the faculty member.

A dispute becomes a complaint if the faculty member is unable to resolve the dispute personally and formally contacts either the University Ombudsperson or the Faculty Grievance Officer.

If the complaint is accepted by the University Faculty Grievance Committee it becomes a grievance.

Please note that, within 60 days of the action or decision being disputed, the faculty member must submit a written request for consultation with the Ombudsperson or submit a written statement of complaint with the Faculty Grievance Officer depending on the nature of the dispute.  Rules for the different types of disputes that can lead to a grievance are listed in the Redbook, Chapter 4, Article 4.4. Faculty members with a Type 1 dispute should contact the Ombudsperson.

If you are considering action related to a dispute, please contact the University Faculty Grievance Officer:

Enid Trucios-Haynes
Professor of Law
University Faculty Grievance Officer
Co-Director, Brandeis Human Advocacy Program
Office: 502.852.7694

Grievance Type 1 Submission Form (WORD)

Grievance Type 2 Submission Form (WORD)

Grievance committee

University Discriminatory Harassment Policy

This policy also provides procedures relevant to faculty who believe they have been subject to discriminatory harassment by a supervisor.