Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How do I review or approve my account’s reconciliation report on OnBase?

A: Click on the link for the appropriate role for an instructional video and quick start guide:

Reviewer -

Primary Investigator -

Manager -

Departmental Approver -

Please contact Business Operations at or by phone at 852-7549 with any additional questions.

Q:What is the best way to secure a rental car?

A: Book as far in advance as possible. Use your Emerald Club account. Make sure to use UofL account # XZ58038 for the best rates. For more information, contact Mary Alexander-Conte

Q: How do I apply for Family Medical Leave (FMLA) ?

A: Process for applying for leave as a staff member:

  • Fill out section 1 on FML Staff Request form
  • Have your supervisor sign off on form
  • Send to for department head signature
  • Have your healthcare provider complete section 2 on form
  • Send the completed section 2 to

Remember: FMLA permits an employer to require that you submit a timely, complete and sufficient medical certification to support a request for family medical leave due to your own serious health condition. Failure to provide a complete and sufficient medical certification will result in a denial of your request. Requests for information must be fulfilled within fifteen (15) calendar days.

 Q: How do I change the supervisor on my timesheet?

A: On the Business Ops portal, select “Update Supervisor” and edit.

business center update supervisor


 Q: How can I view my paycheck?


business center paycheck info

 Q: What is the process for proof of employment?


THE WORK NUMBER® is a service of TALX Corporation that provides university faculty and staff with an automated process to handle employment verifications. It allows our university faculty and staff to have their employment and salary verified within a matter of minutes. This fast, secure service is used for mortgage applications, reference checks, loan applications and apartment leases; anything that requires proof of employment, including social services. It is quick, accurate, and best of all it is easy.

Requested information is printed directly from their website at or voiced and/or faxed to verifiers who would access the system through an 800 number.

For proof of employment only

If someone is requesting proof of your employment, provide them with the following:

  • The UofL employer code: 11443
  • Your employee ID number
  • The link to or 1-800-367-5690


For proof of employment and salary

Step 1: You must create a salary key

  • Visit and enter the UofL employer code, 11443, your employee ID number and your PIN (month and day of your DOB and last four of your SSN - for example, 1/15 1111, 01151111)
  • Under proof of employment, create a salary key. Write down your salary key.

Step 2: Provide the following information to the person requesting proof of your employment and salary

  • The UofL employer code: 11443
  • Your employee ID number
  • The salary key you created in step 1
  • The link to  or 1-800-367-5690

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