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Express Scripts, the company managing your prescription drug benefit, provides 24-hour customer service, web-based drug information, and an integrated mail/home pharmacy service.

2023 Pharmacy Copays

Express Scripts Pharmacy Home Delivery

Enjoy the convenience- your prescriptions come directly to you with FREE shipping!

Select Home Delivery is encouraged after two fills on maintenance medications defined by Express Scripts. UofL insured members must make an active choice if selecting to use either retail pharmacy or Express Scripts mail order pharmacy for maintenance medications (those you take regularly for chronic conditions).

Insured members who “opt out” of using Select Home Delivery mail order for medications will only need to do so one time. Members will not be required to renew the Home Delivery Option annually.

For Home Delivery option, contact the Kentucky RX Coalition or elect Home Delivery from Express Scripts Pharmacy website. 

2024 National Preferred Alpha with Exclusion List

Know Your Rx Coalition

The University of Louisville is a member of the Know Your Rx Coalition, which is staffed with consulting pharmacists to assist you with your UofL Prescription benefit.

How to Fill Your Prescription at a Retail Pharmacy

Present your Express Scripts identification card at a participating pharmacy in the Express Scripts national network.

Prescription ID Card

Employees enrolled in a health plan will receive one combination ID card for health and Express Scripts benefits for each covered member. You must present your medical ID card for pharmacy benefits.  Enrollment in the prescription plan is automatic when you elect a health plan.


The Express Scripts formulary for UofL is available online at The formulary may change during the year when:

  • A generic drug becomes available to replace the brand name drug, or
  • A drug becomes available over the counter (no longer covered under the pharmacy benefit, or
  • New drugs approved.

Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacy

What is the difference between a formulary brand product and a non-formulary brand product? Why do I pay more for a non-formulary brand product?
Our pharmacy benefits provider has contracts with the drugs listed on our formulary brand (similar to in-network with insurance). It does not have contracts with non-formulary brands, so we cannot get a discount (similar to out-of-network with insurance). Since non-formulary brands cost more, employees must share this increased cost.

How can I save money if I am taking a non-formulary branded drug?
Always speak with your medical provider who is writing the prescription to see if there is a generic or a formulary branded drug that is available. This will save you time and trouble when you get to the pharmacy and realize that the medication is not covered.

Where can I find out whether my prescription is a specialty drug or not and what the co-pay is going to be?
You have two choices in finding this information. You can either contact Know Your Rx Coalition or Express Scripts.

Why do specialty prescriptions have to be filled through Express Scripts?
Specialty drugs are injectable, infused, oral or inhaled therapies that often require special delivery, handling, administration and monitoring. Therefore, our Specialty Pharmacy must be used because they meet these criteria.

Are there any limitations on covered drugs?
Yes, covered drugs are subject to plan limitation and exclusions. Some drugs may require prior authorization or step therapy. The Plan formulary lists whether a drug requires prior authorization or has a specific quantity limit.

What are other ways that I can save money on prescriptions?
Fill your maintenance medications for a 90-day supply and get them through home delivery. Consider over-the-counter drugs and always ask for a generic drug if it is available from your doctor or pharmacist.

Pharmacy Contact Information

Express Scripts Member Customer Service 1-800-298-6890


Know Your Rx Coalition Customer Service 1-855-218-5979

EmailRx Coalition


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