Pre-paid Legal Services

Half of all U.S. citizens require the services of an attorney each year, according to the American Bar Association, and a growing number of them are turning to prepaid legal insurance plans to cover the rising costs of attorney assistance. This year, the university is offering a prepaid legal supplemental benefit for active employees—through U.S. Legal Services, Inc. Established in 1974, U.S. Legal Services, Inc. has become a major provider of the fastest growing benefit in America—prepaid legal service plans.

U.S. Legal Services, Inc. is offering the Family Protector Plan for UofL employees. The $25.00 membership fee normally charged for new members is waived and the monthly membership fee is reduced for UofL employees.

The cost of the plan is $18.75 per month; and it will be paid by payroll deduction as follows: (Pay Frequency - Amount)

  • Monthly - $18.75
  • Biweekly - $ 9.38

Once you are enrolled and the first month’s premium is received, you will receive a membership kit which includes detailed information about the program as well as a card that identifies you as a member of U.S. Legal Services group plan. The name and phone number of the law firm in your area will appear on this card. Coverage will begin on the first of the month after your paid enrollment.

Legal Services Included:

  • Consultation - Provided at attorney’s office, by telephone or otherwise.
  • Consumer-Seller Relationships - Actions by consumer against manufacturers, distributors or service agencies when based on warranties or guarantees, whether implied or expressed.
  • Preparation of Wills and Living Wills, Durable Power of Attorney – This includes periodic review and revision of wills. Attorney will also provide assistance to Plan Members in connection with problems they may encounter as administrators or executors with respect to any estate, other than an estate where a federal estate return is required to be filed in connection with such administration. In the event the estate shall require a federal estate tax return to be filed, attorney may assess a fee at a mutually negotiated rate. Attorney will also provide assistance, counseling, and services in connection with matters involving incompetents and minors.
  • Civil Actions - Representation of member in capacity as plaintiff or defendant in all cases. This excludes cases where member is provided legal representation through insurance or like indemnification arrangements. For cases normally handled on a contingent basis, however, the first $1,000.00 collected pursuant to that case shall be exempt from any contingency division.
  • Adoptions - including stepparent and otherwise.
  • Bankruptcy Proceeding (Chapter 7 only) - Coverage includes consultation, preparation of petition and schedules, attendance at 341 Meeting of Creditors and subsequent discharge. No commercial enterprises included.
  • Real Estate Transactions - Attorney will provide Plan Members with legal assistance in connection with the sale or purchase of a family dwelling which shall be used by Plan Member as a dwelling place. Plan Member shall not be entitled to assistance in connection with commercial or income producing property. Excluded from Real Estate Transactions shall be time that may be required to examine title and the rendering of any opinion or policy insurance guaranteeing title in respect to the transfer, mortgaging, or other disposition of real property.
  • Insurance Law - Representation and consultation in all matters between the member and any insurance company with which the member has dealings or relations.
  • Tenant - Any matter concerning the lease, or rental of the member’s dwelling in member’s capacity as tenant.
  • Traffic Violations - Including representation in appropriate courts.
  • Completion of Formal Documents - Legal forms and preparation of normal and customary legal documents.
  • Change of Name
  • Representation - Appearance before appropriate regulatory bodies in any matters included herein affecting the member’s legal rights.
  • Probate of Wills - Representation in the appropriate court for judicial determination of death and heirship claims.
  • Defense of Juveniles - Representation of member’s minor dependent children in judicial proceedings against them providing they are under age 18.
  • Family Law - Without limitation, including divorce, annulment, child support and child custody, except that in any case where the interest of the dependent is adverse to that of the eligible member, coverage shall be restricted to the eligible member and shall not be extended to any dependent except upon written authorization and consent of the eligible member.
  • Criminal Violations - Misdemeanors with service only available through trial in State Courts. Appellate procedures are specifically excluded. No coverage in Federal court in the United States.
  • DWI - Representation for defense of Driving-While-Intoxicated charges, including driving with unlawful blood alcohol level: (DUBAL) - for first offense only.
  • Personal Injury - Bodily injury and property damage.

Legal Services Excluded:

In addition, no benefits or services of any kind are provided under the Plan wherein the following circumstances are present:

  • Business or commercial ventures of any nature to which member is a party, except that one incorporation or partnership agreement will be allowed.
  • Any controversy or proceeding between the administrator and any party to the Plan and controversies involving member and Employer where Employer is Sponsor of Plan. If this Plan is utilizing payroll deduction, the Employer is considered to be a Sponsor.
  • When the matter to be serviced originated prior to the effective date of the membership.
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns, or tax law.
  • Appellate court proceedings and felonies. No coverage is provided in Federal Courts of the United States except Bankruptcy as provided herein.
  • Bankruptcy coverage does not include amendments, adversary proceedings or other contested matters, Rule 2004 examinations, or any other matter not included herein.
  • No benefits are available where any attorney is required to travel more than fifty miles from his or her office, unless specific arrangements for fees and travel are made. Benefits (coverage) are provided within the state, territory or area in which the contract was executed.

Upon acceptance of the plan you will be provided a U.S. Legal Services Inc. membership card with your attorney information.