Employee Assistance Program

 UofL's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to university employees at no charge and provides confidential counseling, assessment and referral services. The program offers services on a broad range of topics such as emotional/behavioral, family and marital, alcohol and/or drug, financial, legal, and other personal challenges. These services are provided by the Human Development Company.

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Introduction Letter from Human Development Company (2018)

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How to Use Your EAP - Employee

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Upcoming Webinars


Innovative Decision Making: Problem Solving
Presented by: Jamie Hansen

Some of the best business ideas and new products have resulted from innovative thinking. Why? The most creative people see options more than they see problems. Creative problem solving involves a mix of divergent and convergent thinking – our ability to both generate options and evaluate them to select the best one. Our capacity to be innovative also makes us more flexible, often able to work better with others and to contribute valuable new ideas to our work teams. Have you ever wanted to learn to be more of an “out of the box” thinker? Now you can! Join us for this experiential workshop and learn to: utilize multiple ways of thinking, frame problems as questions, use generative brainstorming, and suspend judgement in solving old problems in new ways.

The webinars above can be accessed from our website www.humandev.com on the member login page. First a profile will need to be created using your employer code. Once a profile has been created you will have access to hundreds of mental health and life resources. If you have trouble creating a profile please contact our office for assistance. 


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