2024 COBRA Rates

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) was created to give employees and their families the choice to continue health insurance with their employer's group health plan for a limited period of time. An employee leaving the university can continue their health insurance for up to 18 months at the COBRA rates (see below).

If you are leaving the university, you will be contacted by the university's direct bill and COBRA administrator with information on options to continue health coverage. You will receive paperwork in the mail that must be filled out and sent back within a certain time frame, including your first premium payment, in order to continue coverage.

COBRA can be continued for a period of eighteen months, and these elections are direct billed to the employee. The employee is responsible for making timely payments.

Medical Monthly Rates

Employee Only $811.65 $775.33 $768.39 $779.40 $713.51
Employee + Spouse/QA $1,785.63 $1,705.76 $1,690.48 $1,714.71 $1,569.76
Employee + Child(ren) $1,460.99 $1,395.62 $1,383.13 $1,402.95 $1,284.36
Employee + Family $2,434.94 $2,326.03 $2,305.19 $2,338.23 $2,140.58

Dental Monthly Rates

Basic Dental Plan Enhanced Dental Plan
Employee $22.40 $36.45
Employee + Spouse/QA $44.76 $72.91
Employee + Children $52.86 $86.03
Employee + Family $81.72 $133.05

Vision Monthly Rates

Monthly Rate
Employee Coverage $4.41
Employee + Spouse/QA $8.02
Employee + Children $8.49
Employee + Family $12.20