Department Listservs

A listserv is a service for maintaining a list of email addresses. Instead of typing out dozens of email addresses individually, you can instead send an email to the listserv address to reach a group of people.

For information on obtaining a listserv for your individual class or other group contact the IT Department at this address to external site.
Below is a list of the listservs maintained by the English department:

Listserv Address Purpose Listserv owner All Faculty, Staff, GTAs & Instructors associated with the English Department Hung Nguyen Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Hung Nguyen Visiting Faculty, Term Instructors Hung Nguyen All Department members who wish to receive notices of interest to rhetoric and composition. Hung Nguyen English Graduate Students. Hung Nguyen Students and Faculty interested in the Creative Writing Program and events. Hung Nguyen English Hung Nguyen English Major Hung Nguyen English Minor Hung Nguyen PTL Hung Nguyen