Guest Travel Instructions

Sherry McCroskey is the point of contact for booking guest travel. (852-0506) She can book flights and hotels for guests.

Requesting Flight Booking

Provide the following information to Sherry at least 1 1/2 months prior to the flight date:

1. Guest's full name

2. Guest's birthdate

3. Guest's gender

4. Guest's physical home address address (shown on their identification)

5. Guest's email address

6. Guest's cell phone number

7. Dates and preferred time windows for flights, if you prefer you can look through Concur and pick a particular flight you would like for the guest

Requesting Hotel Booking

Complete the following sections of the hotel authorization form and email the form to Sherry at least  1 1/2 months prior to the reservation date.

1. Property name and Address (if you aren't sure which hotel will be available provide at least 3 choices for reservation)

2. Guest's name

3. Requested room dates

4. Type of room (this is typically UofL Standard, but if you will be using a B&B provide the listed name of the room)

5. Check off the incidentals box if you would like incidentals paid for.

Hotel Authorization Form(PDF)