AV Equipment

Audio visual equipment may checked out for a class or a day at a time.  Requests to keep any of the equipment longer than the standard period should be directed to the Department Tech Consultant , Hung Nguyen.

Equipment Name Available Date Out Time Out Date In Time In
Digital Video Camera
Canon ZR 800-A
Canon ZR 800-C
Canon ZR 800-D
Digital Audio Recorder
Edirol R09-A Yes
Edirol R09-B Yes
Edirol R09-C Yes
Edirol R09-D Yes
Presentation Equipment
Laptop and Projector Yes
Presentation Remote Yes
Logitech-A Yes
Logitech-B Yes
Logitech-C Yes
Logitech-D Yes
Logitech-E Yes
Logitech-F Yes
Logitech-G Yes
Logitech-H Yes
Logitech-I Yes
Logitech-J Yes
Transcription machine Yes