Intelligence-Led Policing: An Executive Summary

8 Hour Training Course
$275.00 Discounted rate if paid by cash/check / $290.00 If paid by credit card

Course Description:

Participants in this course will discover the future of policing and understand the precepts of Intelligence-Led Policing (ILP) sufficient to support a decision to pursue it as an agency strategy.  Participants will understand how ILP achieves substantial and sustained crime reduction at no additional cost to taxpayers.

Course Topics and Areas of Study:

  • Examination of the Standard Model of Policing
  • The Ravenous Wolves
  • Intelligence-Led Policing (ILP) Defined
  • Why ILP is the Strategy of our Time
  • Crime Analysis, Intelligence Analysis, and Knowledge Management
  • Crime Intelligence: Identify and Remedy Causes of Crime
  • How We Know It Works

Course Materials and Equipment


Course materials (i.e., Powerpoint presentations, handouts, articles, etc.) will be provided electronically for this course on a computerized access link provided to registered students prior to the class.   It is highly recommended that students download course materials to a laptop, tablet or other device  prior to the first day of class and bring the device with them to the course.  Otherwise, students should print SPI-provided course materials from the access link and bring printed materials with them to class.

In order to download course materials from the access link, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel software (Office Suite) should be installed on laptop, tablet or other device.

Who Should Attend:

Command staff and police decision-makers responsible for establishing policing strategies.


Albert Selke

Upcoming Training and Lodging:

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