Intelligence Analysis of the Beat

40 Hour Training Course / 4.0 CEUs / KLEC Approved
$695.00 If paid by cash/check / $725.00 If paid by Visa/MC/Discover

Course Description:

This 5-day course is designed to train middle management staff, officers (detectives, sergeants, and lieutenants) and crime analysts on the basic foundations of law enforcement intelligence/intelligence-led policing, with an emphasis on tactical and operational levels of criminal intelligence analysis.

The end-of-course exercise requires each student team to develop and deliver a 15-20 minute Intelligence Analysis for the Beat briefing. The briefing will include an analysis of the different types and scope of crimes and criminal behavior in their beat, to include locations, frequency, temporal analysis, and indicators of crimes and criminal behavior; identification of potential human sources of information that can give police department analysts, managers, and commanders accurate information leading to actionable intelligence; and developing the critical relationship between analysts and intelligence consumers.

Course Topics and Areas of Study:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and describe the criminal intelligence process, intelligence-led policing, the information sharing framework, and their roles in enhancing public safety.
  • Understand the proper handling and collation of criminal intelligence information, including file management and information evaluation.
  • Develop intelligence through the processes of critical thinking, logic, inference development, and recommendation development.
  • Develop and implement collection and analytic plans, to include the re-evaluation of that process or product.
  • Be familiar with the legal, privacy, and ethical issues relating to intelligence, to include CFR 28 Part 23 and the State Open Records laws.
  • Demonstrate a practical knowledge of the methods, tools, and techniques employed in criminal intelligence analysis.
  • Develop the skills underlying analytic methods, including report writing, statistical analysis, and intelligence visualization/graphics techniques.


Who Should Attend:

Detectives, Investigators, mid-level staff and leadership


Jon Glassford

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What Our Graduates Are Saying:

This course was “worthwhile in learning how to evaluate, gather and use intelligence.  Also in developing and using informants.”

“Excellent course.  Very useful at the detective level.  Provided technical knowledge on methods of gathering/recording Intel.”