Experimental Psychology Ph.D.

Grad student presenting research at Cognitive Development Society biennial meeting 2015

Experimental Psychology PhD at UofL

The Experimental Psychology Ph.D. program at the University of Louisville is designed to prepare students for careers in both academic and non-academic settings.

  • Our program is suitable for those who would like to pursue careers in higher education, non-profits, or industry. 
  • Our students are trained in core areas of psychology, research design and methods, data analysis, teaching, and oral and written communication, all of which makes our students highly employable in careers that involve psychological science, research and data analysis, and management. 
  • If you would like to learn about the various career paths that some of our alumni have taken, please visit our Alumni Positions page.  

What makes our program special?

  • Students receive full funding for four years from the start! 
  • We know that good mentoring is key to student success! 
    • Students work one-on-one with a research mentor throughout their time in the program. 
    • Students are also connected with peer mentors within the program from the start of their time with us. 
    • Mentors outside the program are also encouraged, and we will help you get connected.
  • Our program is research-focused and flexible
    • Course requirements are kept light so students can focus on research.
    • The curriculum can be adapted to meet the needs of each student.