Child Development Studies (for parents)

University of Louisville Cardinal Logo, Child Development StudiesWelcome to the University of Louisville Child Development Studies website.

We are currently looking for families with children ages 0-12 who would like to participate in studies on the UofL Belknap campus. Studies are scheduled at times that are convenient for families and free parking is provided. Children receive prizes for participating and families may receive compensation for their time.


University of Louisville child development studies take place in one of four labs in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences:

Click on a study name below to learn more about what that study involves.

The Baby Thinker studies in the Infant Cognition Lab directed by Cara Cashon, PhD

The Children's Thinking and Learning study in the Knowledge in Development (KID) Lab directed by Judith Danovitch, PhD and Nicholaus Noles, PhD


The following labs conduct research with children that takes place at daycare centers or schools:

The Knowledge in Development (KID) Lab directed by Judith Danovitch, PhD and Nicholaus Noles, PhD

The Learning and Performance Lab directed by Marci DeCaro, PhD



If you are interested in having your child(ren) participate in studies at the University of Louisville, please click on the link and fill out the form below. This information will be entered in a list of potential participants, and we will contact you about ongoing studies for which your child is eligible. If your child is not currently eligible for any studies, then we will keep your name on our list and contact you as soon as your child becomes eligible. Your family will not be obligated to participate in any study, and you can request to be removed from the list at any time. You may also call us at 502-852-0718 with any questions or to sign up for our list.