Internal Support for Travel & Research

Graduate students in our program often receive additional funds from various sources to help cover the costs of traveling to conferences and conducting research. Below is a list of additional sources of financial support that are available at UofL for travel and research.


The Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences Travel Support Our department typically provides up to $100 per student per year to travel to a conference to present research. Funds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. In order to request funding, students should email Liz Willis and include the conference and if they are presenting a poster. When approved, the funding will go into their student financial aid account. Funds are often combined with funds from other sources (see below).

Graduate Student Council (GSC) Travel Funding  GSC offers travel grants in the fall and spring/summer annually. Students can receive up to $200 to attend a conference (not presenting) and up to $350 to present at a conference. Our department GSC representative is .

GSC Research Fund Grants up to $500. The Graduate Student Council has a fund to support graduate student research. This fund is intended to assist students who face expenses related to research, such as equipment costs, acquiring data sets, etc. Priority is given to students without funds for their research needs, who would otherwise be expected to pay out of pocket. Required participation in the GSC Regional Research Conference.

GNAS Research Funding Grants up to $250 to help A&S graduate students offset the costs of conducting research, participating in conferences, and purchasing materials needed for research. The GNAS restricts the funds to students in those departments that have had regular representation at GNAS meetings over the course of the previous semester. Required participation in the GNAS Research Symposium (when held). The department GNAS representative is .

A&S Graduate Student Intramural Research and Creative Activities Grant The College of Arts and Sciences announces funding opportunities to promote research and creative activities of Graduate Students with the purpose of increasing the extramural research funding, the number of scholarly publications, refereed exhibits, and artistic performances of the college. Any Doctoral or Master’s student in good standing in the College of Arts and Sciences is eligible. The initiative will support proposals that contain any one of the following elements: (i) new ideas to become part of the student’s dissertation/thesis research, (ii) exploratory research, or (iii) collaborative research that will enhance the student’s scholarly experience. The maximum award-size for an individual grant is $500. For collaborative research projects involving more than one other student, the maximum award amount is $1,000. Proposals will be evaluated independently in two categories: Doctoral level and Master’s-level. 

Women's Center Awards UofL graduate students are invited to apply for the Dr. M. Celeste Nichols Award - up to $500 – that will support academic and professional enrichment beyond normal graduate program expenses. Annual deadline: October 1.