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Core Faculty

Name Research Laboratory PhD Program
bufferdSara Bufferd, PhD Child Anxiety and Mood Lab Clinical
cashonCara Cashon, PhD Infant Cognition Lab Experimental
danovitchJudith Danovitch, PhD Knowledge in Development Lab Experimental
ddecaroDaniel DeCaro, PhD Social Decision Making and Sustainability Lab Experimental
decaroMarci DeCaro, PhD Learning and Performance Lab Experimental
demarcoPaul DeMarco, PhD Visual Electrophysiology Lab Experimental
depueBrendan Depue, PhD NILCAMP Lab Experimental
heZijiang He, PhD Visual Perception and Cognition Lab Experimental
kondaurovaMaria Kondaurova, PhD Parent-Child Interaction and Language Learning Lab Experimental
levinsonCheri A Levinson, PhD Eating Anxiety Treatment Lab Clinical
lewineRichard R Lewine, PhD Thought Disorder, Affect and Critical Thinking Lab Clinical
lyleKeith Lyle, PhD Memory and Cognition Lab Experimental
mastBenjamin Mast, PhD Aging and Neuropsychology Lab Clinical
meeksSuzanne Meeks, PhD Aging and Mental Health Lab Clinical
mervisCarolyn B Mervis, PhD Neurodevelopmental Sciences Lab Experimental
newtonTamara Newton, PhD Stress and Health Lab Clinical
nolesNicholaus Noles, PhD Knowledge in Development Lab Experimental
rosenPaul Rosen, PhD RACER (Research on ADHD and Children's Emotion Regulation) Lab Clinical
salmonPaul Salmon, PhD Biobehavioral Research Lab Clinical
stetsonBarbara Stetson, PhD Health Behavior Change Research Lab Clinical
stilpChristian Stilp, PhD Auditory Perception and Processing Lab Experimental
zahorikPavel Zahorik, PhD Zahorik Auditory Perception Laboratory Experimental
YYara Mekawi, PhD Challenging Ongoing Legacies Of Racism (COLOR) Lab Clinical
Konrad Bresin, PhD Bresin lab


Part Time Faculty

Associate/Adjunct Faculty

Emeritus Faculty