International Student and Scholar Services

The International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) office provides and promotes student success through support, advising, and advocacy regarding immigration, cross-cultural adjustment, and other support services. ISSS promotes a welcoming and intercultural environment through educational, social, and cross-cultural programming. ISSS serves the international population, facilitates international education, and fosters a global campus community.


International Student & Scholar Spotlight  

Beatriz Perez Reyes (in red with her students) Why did you decide to come to study in USA? “My first intention was to live and learn English in another country. I was lucky to get a scholarship to be an exchange student in a college in Tennessee. In the fall of 2014, I got the opportunity to receive my Master degree in Spanish here at UofL. I visited the campus, I liked the professors, the environment, and the interaction the university has with the community." What do you enjoy the most working as a lecturer?                 “I like the methodology we use at UofL, “active learning.” It is fun and allows me to be creative. The students are in charge of their own learning process. I am just a facilitator of their process."
How do you think the international students impact their classes?
“As a lecturer, I understand that every class is different. The students’ personalities and attitudes are important elements in the dynamic of the class. The international students support the internationalization of the class; they share their knowledge and culture."                                                                                      
What suggestions do you have for the international students?   
“My suggestions are to get involved, not only in the UofL community, but in the city. Put yourself in situations that are in contact with the language, follow and practice your passions and hobbies and learn as much as you can from the people on campus and the community. When you do things that you like, it is easier to improve."

International Student and Scholar Services

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