Recent Student Dissertations


Literacy abilities of children and adolescents with Williams Syndrome. Caroline Greiner de Magalhães (mentor: Carolyn Mervis)

The effect of parent interactions on young infants' visual attention in an object manipulation task. Nonah Olesen (mentor: Cara Cashon)


Disentangling the Negativity Bias: 7-9-Month-Old Crawling and Non-Crawling Infants' Responses to Fearful and Angry ExpressionsKatherine C. Dixon (mentor: Cara Cashon)

Exploratory Learning Activities in the Physics Classroom: Contrasting Cases versus a Rich Dataset. Campbell Rightmyer Bego (mentor: Marci DeCaro)

Speech articulation in children with Williams syndrome or 7q11.23 duplication syndrome. Myra Jean Fallon Huffman (mentor: Carolyn Mervis)

Developmental changes in reasoning about cross-classified individuals. Catherine H. McDermott (mentor: Nicholaus Noles)

Functional opponency in working memory capacity predicts cognitive flexibility in problem solving. Charles A. Van Stockum Jr. (mentor: Marci DeCaro)


Assessing the relationship between talker normalization and spectral contrast effects in speech perception. Ashley "Lily" Assgari (mentor: Christian Stilp)

The effects of monaural and binaural cues on perceived reverberation by normal hearing and hearing-impaired listeners. Gregory Matthew Ellis (mentor: Pavel Zahorik)

Accuracy differences between interview formats: examining factors that may influence metamemory utilization. Robin F. Hopkins (mentor: Keith Lyle)

Effects of context and individual differences on memory for prior remembering. Marcus L. Leppanen (mentor: Keith Lyle)


Psychophysical analysis of three separate anisotropic patterns in vision : putting visual reference frames in conflict to study the class 1 and 2 oblique effects and the horizontal effect. Eleanor O'Keefe (mentor: Paul DeMarco)


Patterns of early lexical and gestural development in children with Williams syndrome. Angela M. Becerra (mentor: Carolyn Mervis)

Learning from science lectures : students remember more and make better inferences when they complete skeletal outlines compared to other guided notes. David Bradley Bellinger (mentor: Marci DeCaro)

Impact of luminance and spatial parameters on the generation of the human pattern electroretinogram. Kate A. Godwin (mentor: Paul DeMarco)

Mechanisms responsible for the development of causal perception in infancy. Nicholas A. Holt (mentor: Cara Cashon)


Effects of amplitude modulation on sound localization in reverberant environments. Paul W. Anderson (mentor: Pavel Zahorik)

Temporal information processing across primary visual cortical layers in normal and red light reared tree shrews. Wenhao Dang (mentor: Heywood Petry)

What we see changes how we see : analyzing the plasticity of the horizontal effect. April Marie Schweinhart (mentor: Patrick Shafto)


Unnatural pedagogy : a computational analysis of children's learning to learn from other people. Baxter S. Eaves (mentor: Patrick Shafto)

Retinal synaptic function in the absence of the on pathway. Kathryn Marie Heath Fransen 

Boundary contour based surface representation., Yong Su


Deconstructing saccades : identifying the components of saccades that produce saccade-induced retrieval enhancement. James Matthew Edlin (mentor: Keith Lyle)

Testing location memory for threatening and nonthreatening stimuli : implications for evolutionary psychological theorizing. Ryan Patrick Hacklander (mentor: Keith Lyle)

The development of word-object associations in typically developing infants and infants and toddlers with Williams syndrome. Oh Ryeong Ha (mentor: Cara Cashon)

Relations between nonverbal cognitive ability and spoken language development : implications for deaf toddlers who use cochlear implants. Carissa Lynn Shafto (mentor: Frederick Wightman)


Factors affecting speech intelligibility improvement with exposure to reverberant room listening environments. Eugene Brandewie (mentor: Pavel Zahorik)

Learning from graphically integrated 2D and 3D representations improves retention of neuroanatomy. Farah Naaz (mentor: John Pani)

Individual and developmental differences in susceptibility to the irrelevant speech effect. Amanda Frances O'Bryan (mentor: Frederick Wightman)


Motor observation, motor performance, and motor imagery : an ERP study. Eric Brian

Achievement motivation and self-evaluative emotions in preschool children from low-income families. Crystal A. Day (mentor: Barbara Burns)

The regulatory function of social referencing in preschoolers with Down syndrome or Williams syndrome. Angela E. John (mentor: Carolyn Mervis)

The nature of anisotropy in gain control pools. Yeon Jin Kim

Algebra knowledge in early elementary school supporting later mathematics ability. Scott A. Strother 

Narrative comprehension abilities of children from low-income families : role of temperament, attention skills, and cognitive engagement. Tara N. Weatherholt (mentor: Barbara Burns)

Perceptual learning of binocular interactions., Jingping Xu