Experimental Psychology Research & Professional Development Series

At our weekly Research & Professional Development meeting, graduate students in Experimental Psychology get multiple opportunities to present their research in a relaxed environment. The weekly meetings are also used as a place to discuss professional development topics that are of interest to the students (e.g., How to Give Effective Presentations, Academic Writing, Tips on Getting Non-Academic Jobs, etc.).

Brown Bag Pres 2018 - Manooch

Second-year student, Manooch Saeedi, preparing for his talk .


Organizer: Dr. Nick Noles
Meetings held in Life Sciences room 133, Wednesdays 1:00-2:00PM

9/5/2018 Naive Economics - Dr. Nick Noles
9/12/2018 Setting Up and Running a Research Lab - Dr. Nick Noles
9/19/2018 Working Memory and Problem Solving - Veronica Cucchiarini
10/3/2018 Deliberate Representations Practice Does NOT Improve Physics Exam Scores - Campbell R. Bego
10/17/2018 What Does Mickey Know About Food? Children's Trust in Favorite Characters and Experts - Allison Williams
10/24/2018 Active Learning and Student Motivation in Undergraduate Physics - Manooch Saeedi
10/31/2018 Careers Post-Graduate School - Michelle Rodems (SIGS)
11/7/2018 Developing a System for Computer Based Instruction of Neuroscience - Dr. John Pani
11/14/2018 TBA
11/28/2018 Acoustics Characteristics of Infant Directed Speech in Latin American Immigrants - Sabrina D'Souza


Organizer: Dr. Brendan Depue
Meetings held in Life Sciences room 133, Wednesdays 1:00-2:00PM

8/30/2017 Grant/Award Funding - Dr. Brendan Depue & Manooch Saeedi
9/6/2017 Grant/Award Funding - Dr. Brendan Depue
9/27/2017 Neuroscience Methods - Dr. Woody Petry
10/3/2017 Poster Practice (Cog Dev Soc) - Various students
10/25/2017 Neural Mechanisms of Treatment-Related Memory Impairment in Breast Cancer Patients - Will Corley
11/1/2017 Examining the Relationship Between Children's Memory for Errors and Learning - Abbey Loehr (Vanderbilt)
11/8/17 Neuroimaging: Theoretical Aspects - Dr. Brendan Depue
11/29/2017 Cognitive Profile of Young Children with Williams Syndrome - Marinie Joseph
1/24/2018 Effective Presentations I - Brenden Depue
1/31/2018 Jobs in Industry - Michelle Rodems (SIGS)
2/7/2018 Effective Presentations II - Brenden Depue
2/21/2018 How to Get Your Money's Worth at a Conference - Lindsay Knight & Teodora Stoica
3/7/2018 Exploratory Learning in Classrooms: Effects on Motivation - Manooch Saeedi
3/28/2018 The Effects of Parental Interaction on Infant Learning: When Less is More - Nonah Olesen
4/4/18 Lexical and Grammatical Abilities of 3- and 4-year-old Children with Down Syndrome or Williams Syndrome - Caroline de Greiner Magalhaes
4/18/18 Eye Movements and Eyewitness Recall - Anna Kelley


Organizer: Dr. Christian Stilp
Meetings held in Life Sciences room 133, Mondays 11:30-12:30

8/29/2016 Academic Writing: Getting It Done
9/12/2016 The Development of Children's Intellectual Humility - Judith Danovitch
10/10/2016  Temporal Organization in Turn-Taking Between Mothers and Hearing-Impaired Infants with Cochlear Implants - Maria Kondaurova
10/17/2016  Peer Review Roundtable 
10/24/2016  Peer Review Roundtable II 
10/31/2016  When Higher Working Memory Capacity Hinders Problem-Solving Insight - Marci DeCaro
11/7/2016  Does the Internet Cloud Reality? Children’s Reasoning about the Reality Status of Information from the Internet- Michelle Jackson

Children's Theory of Mind and Understanding of Ownership Concepts - Catherine McDermott

11/21/2016  The Influence of Talker Variability on Spectral Contrast Effects in Vowel Perception - Lily Assgari
11/28/2016  The Role of Binaural Summation in the Amount of Perceived Reverberation - Greg Ellis
12/5/2016 Self-Recognition, Pretend Play, and Personal Pronoun Use by Toddlers with Williams Syndrome - Nonah Olesen
1/9/2017 Is Handedness an Important Individual Difference Factor in Personality and Social Psychology? - Keith Lyle
1/30/2017 How to Give Effective Presentations 
2/6/2017  Context and Memory - Marcus Leppanen
2/13/2017 Synergistic Effects of Voting and Enforcement on Internalized Motivation to Cooperate in a Resource Dilemma - Daniel DeCaro
2/20/2017 Easier Tests are Easier: Computer-Assisted Learning and Neuroanatomy - Mary Beckerson
3/6/2017 Neural Correlates of Individuation and Categorization of Other-Species Faces in Infancy - Kate Dixon
3/20/2017 What Influences Accuracy of Open-Ended Interview Questions? - Robin Hopkins
3/27/2017 Dissertations (roundtable facilitated by Christian Stilp)
4/3/2017  SRCD Practice Session - students and faculty presenting their posters/talks before the conference

Identifying Bottlenecks in Engineering Mathematics: Cognition, Motivation and Instruction - Campbell Rightmyer

4/17/2017    Tips on Getting Non-Academic Jobs - Kate Dixon & Michelle Rodems