Undergraduate Studies

The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences offers three undergraduate bachelor degree programs as well as a minor to educate critical thinkers who can contribute to the discipline and the community as psychologically literate citizens. Our goal is for undergraduate majors and minors to understand the science of psychology and be able to interpret it to meet the needs of a changing world.

The undergraduate degrees we offer are:

    Bachelor in Science - a great major for pre-med students

    Bachelor of Arts (Natural Sciences concentration) - an excellent option for students switching from a natural sciences major to psychology

    Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences concentration) - a track that approximately 85% of our majors follow

    Minor - a nice complement to any major

The department offers a variety of experiences inside and outside the classroom including service learning opportunities, student organizations, opportunities to participate in research, professional academic and career advising, distance education courses, multiple writing intensive (WR) courses, senior seminars, a departmental honors program, and an ongoing colloquium (speaker) series. Our internship course places students in nonprofit community service agencies for hands-on experience, skill development and networking opportunities. The international service learning and research program offers summer credit for peace studies and research in Northern Ireland or Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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