Undergraduate Studies

Mission Statement

Psychology is a STEM discipline. As a member of the STEM community, the mission of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences undergraduate programs is to pursue excellence and inclusiveness with the goal of developing psychologically literate students who can serve as engaged citizens, leaders, and scholars by:

1. Learning core psychological concepts and research methods

2. Using a critical thinking framework to communicate effectively with colleagues in other scientific fields, as well as the general public

3. Understanding and appreciating diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and abilities, and engaging in service and outreach intended to improve the quality of life for local and global communities

    The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences offers two undergraduate bachelor degree programs as well as a minor to educate critical thinkers who can contribute to the discipline and the community as psychologically literate citizens. Our goal is for undergraduate majors and minors to understand the science of psychology and be able to interpret it to meet the needs of a changing world.

    Why major in Psychology?

    The Psychology major offers opportunities to acquire and develop a number of skills valued by employers, the community and graduate school admissions committees:

    1. Analytical and statistical skills for understanding, interpreting and reporting on data
    2. Communication skills in writing and oral presentations
    3. Problem-solving and information-search skills
    4. Ability to work in and understand groups
    5. Familiarity with computers and database software
    6. Research and measurement/evaluation skills
    7. Social awareness and the ability to understand and monitor self
    8. Ability to apply psychological theory to individual, social and community problems