Restricted Purchases

For guidance on approved ProCard purchases, refer to the Procure-to-Pay grid. For guidance on whether to utilize a PO or Payment Request, refer to the PO vs Payment Request Flowchart.

For guidance on payments to individuals, refer to the Payment Matrix.

The ProCard cannot be used for the following:


  • Airfare - airline tickets should be booked through the Controller's Office's travel agency and charged to the central billing card.
  • Amazon Prime Memberships (new and renewal). Refer to the Amazon Business page
  • Car Care Services
  • Cardinal Card deposits - Cardinal Cash or Meal Plans (ProCards can be used to purchase Departmental Copy Cards.)
  • Cell Phones and Service Plans as of September 1, 2018- see Cellular/Mobile Device and Service Plan Policy
  • Contributions/donations (See VP for Finance's policy for donationsmemorial gifts.)
  • Controlled substances/narcotics
  • Faculty, staff and student travel: includes passports, lodging, meals, gasoline, airfare, immunizations, etc. The ProCard must not be used to reserve or pay for UofL employee/student travel expenses. For travel related inquiries, visit the UofL Travel site. (Employees must continue to follow the Controller's Office procedures and submit reimbursement through the Travel & Expense financials system). 
  • Firearms/Ammunition
  • Gasoline, unless purchased in conjunction with a one-day car rental or group van rental.  A Fuel Card must be used to purchase gasoline for university-owned vehicles.
  • Gift cards (See VP for Finance's policy for purchasing gift cards.)
  • Insurance (commercial).  Risk Management administers the commercial insurance for the University, including property and casual insurance.  However, medical malpractice insurance is allowable on the ProCard.
  • Inter-departmental charges for U of L departments. These types of payments must always be taken care of using Journal Vouchers
  • ITAR-controlled items
  • Legal Services
  • Movement of household goods/relocation expenses - see Moving Expense Procedure
  • Office/Facilities Improvements – please contact Facilities Management for assistance
  • Parking permits (UofL permits)
  • Personal Use
  • Printing - see the printing policy for additional details
  • Products available through University Stockroom
  • Radioactive material
  • Rental cars/vans - see Travel website for more information
  • Renovations/Construction – please contact Facilities Management for assistance
  • Scooter Rentals 
  • Services subject to Personal Services Contracts; i.e. consultants, legal services, etc.
  • Shipment of hazardous materials - contact Environmental Health & Safety regarding the appropriate method for shipping hazardous materials
  • Subcontracts on grants 

ProCard blocked MCC's (Merchant Category Codes):

The ProCard office has researched transaction activity to determine what MCC's (Merchant Category Codes) are being used and/or what codes are in compliance with policy and procedures.  We have analyzed a series of data which determined what codes would be blocked.  As of December 16, 2016, these MCC codes were officially blocked on all ProCard accounts.

If you find that your ProCard has been declined due to one of the blocked codes when attempting a purchase, the option to unblock the specific MCC code can be granted upon approval from the Director of Procurement Systems and Card Operations and Department LFO. Unblocking of an MCC can take up to one business day.